When did your hair come back?

Hi Girls

I am just wondering how long was it before your hair started to grow again? My last chemo was 29th Nov. So far there is not even a hint of regrowth!


My chemo nurse said it would be at least 6 weeks before any sprouting occurs…
You will probably get the chemo curl :sunglasses:
x sarah


Mine started to grow back within weeks of finishing the chemo…grew back initially lighter and then went darker…all in weeks…

Now…two years and five months on… my hair is at my bra line and is darker than before, coarser, thicker and has barrel type curls…

Deb x

had my last course of chemo end of Sept, hair has grown at different rates in different places since. Hairy mole grew first- that was soon plucked, had no head hair, brows or lashes on the 20th Nov, remember this clearly as went to a black tie do and did bald lady with false lashes rather well. Today I have velvet on my head, visible brows- will need shaping in a week or too and stubby lashes.
Am mid forties and had lovely dark brown hair before now looks very peppery but too soon to say for sure. Friend of a similar age stopped chemo end of june now has full head of short, gunmetal hair just long enough to need the straighteners. Hope this is reasurring unfortunatly I was the 3rd person in my office to be treated and all have had regrowth.

Hiya Bird

last year there were 3 of us who finished chemo the same week… i had a slight covering of hair as mine had started to grow back when i had he second type of chemo, the two others were still bald at the end of treatment…

we all met up in centre parcs in january 2010 which was 2 months was post chemo i had about an inch of hair, J had about half an inch and G had none… ginas eventually grew back about 6 months later by which time both J and I had full heads of hair…

G and J both had the same treatment FEC-T while i had E-CMF… J also had herceptin which can slow down hair growth however it was G who has the slowest hair growth.

so i think basically it varies from person to person anything from starting to grow back during treatment to around 6 months.

Lulu xx

Hi Bird,
I finished chemo mid Sept at which time I had tiny bristles sprouting all over. I used re-vita shampoo with emu oil recommended for rapid hair growth. I now have a full covering of velvety hair, it’s not long but is very healthy and there’s a lot of it. Dunno if the shampoo helped but am pleased with the effects so far.
Happy New Year and Happy New Hair
Sue xx

I was on E-CMF and hair started to grow back after I’d finished the E part, and was on the CMF. I think it seems to be the E (epirubicin) that munches hair. When my bald patches did grow back (I had the cold cap), the hair was the same as before, not coarse or curly.

Finished Fec/tax in July, have 3-4 inches, long enough to run mini straighteners through, lashes/brows took about two months. I used minoxidil serum twice a day, revita shampoo and take silica supplements. Had a colour put in and although I have always had long hair, I am ok with the regrowth so far! X

I had FEC chemo and although I lost my hair it was never the completely shiny head look. There always seemed to be a slight bit left and it appeared to be growing before the last chemo which was 3 weeks ago. I took a picture of it at the beginning of December and compared it to one I took last night and its quite a bit different than before. Although its very soft and fluffy and bloody SILVER!
I suppose hair growth is different for all of us as is chemo side effects. Hope yours starts to grow soon Bird
Debs x

I had 3FEC/3T chemo and finished on 21 October. My hair did grow a bit during the tax chemo, though it looked like baby hair so thin, so we shaved it off. Today I have almost a full head at 5mm. It is getting thicker by the week, so I hope to ditch the scarf pretty soon! It’s a bit darker, I am hoping it’ll be curly…
Eye lashes and brows are just starting the grow back, though reluctantly so. Still needs a bit of time I guess.
Feels really good to have hair back.
Nikki x

Hi there,

I had my last FEC out of 6 courses teh end of November…And i now have a soft fuzz about 1inch long! Its seems to grow in fits and starts!! And its a completely different colour!! Its almost grey!! And im only 22!! Hehe!

Although unfortunately i have had some bad news as teh cancer in my lymph glands didnt react as well to tehe FEC as hoped for ive now gotta have x4 TAX as well! So i think my lovely fuzz may go again!!! :frowning:

But i think hair re-growth varies for everyone…I hope you like your new doo when it coems back! :slight_smile: xxxx

My hair started to grow back during Tax, which I finished last friday in November. I now resemble a baby owl, with completely grey fluff about 3cm long. Worst bit is, its growing back patchy. There are still bald bits!! Looks worse thank being bald. Honestly considering shaving it all off again.

I finished 3 FEC/ 3 TAX at end of October, hair is definitely growing on my hair now, but I’ve still got lots of bald bits and its very grey. Eyebrows and lashes not doing anything yet, but on the plus side neither are hairs on my legs and armpits!


Thanks for your comments. It looks like I will just have to wait and watch then! Hope it doesn’t come back grey!! Mind you I spend most of my life inside a hair color bottle anyway so if it comes back a minging colour then my hairdresser will be doing a lot of colouring!!

I have to say that if the hair on my legs and elsewhere! decides that it doesn’t want to grow back then I will be more than happy! Its not going to though is it! That had better not come back darker or thicker! LOL!!

Once it grows back enough for me to have a skin head hair do then I will be happy to walk around with out a blinking hat!!! My head does feel fluffy.

Tree I love your comment about resembling a baby owl - so sweet! I agree with you about the patchy looking worse though. When mine started to fall out the patchyness made me look ill so thats when it all came off. Maybe by shaving it again it might encourage proper head coverage.

xxjd_22xx - grey fuzz at 22 is not good! Bless ya! Real bummer about your bad news. Thats harsh. I had 3 tax and it was a total b***h I’m sorry to say. My skin head hair do that I had left at the end of my fec did fall out even more. I hope you get to keep your fuzz - even if it is grey! Good luck with the tax I hope the side effects are not to horrible for you.

Well I hope you all get a lovely head of hair very soon. Take care everyone

Hi, my profile pic was taken 6 months after chemo…I was quite proud of my hair then (and it was SO easy to look after/style LOL).

As you can see, it came back brown (original colour), and it is now very curly. It was curly before so I can’t really say if the chemo changed how curly it was.

I am now 10 months post chemo and going for my first proper haircut today :slight_smile: I could have gone earlier but didn’t see the point in spending £30+ on ‘a trim’ as that’s all they could have really done. Today I have enough hair to leave the salon with a style albeit a short one!

Happy hair growing!


My hair has started to grow back on FEc 6… wierd! I am now on weekly tax/herceptin so it may well disappear again. it is so very individual. The E bit of the FEC is the one that does the damage I think.
x sarah

mine started to grow back about Fec 3 although fluffy and slow at first and very grey it was definately there iam now 4months from last chemo and i have a covering of about 2 1/2 inches of very thick very curly ( like pin curls ) hair that seems to have a mind of its own about how it want to lie but another month or so i think it will be ok to style and trim a bit so i could go commando and ditch the wig ha ha xI have coloured it for xmas couldnt stand the grey .xJulie

I had a gap after FEC3 to resolve another health problem. My hair started growing back about 5 weeks after Fec 3 - looks grey and fluffy. Tax starts tomorrow 7 weeks, after Fec3 so a four week delay. I guess it will stop growing again soon. Also lost 3/4 of lady garden, some eyelashes and eyebrows, but not too noticeable.
Stella xx

Hi Julie,
i know you’ve probably said before, but what did you use to colour your hair in the end? X

Hi Faye

Your hair looks exactly like mime. I was dark mousey very straight hair pre chemo, but now I have very dark very curly hair. I am 11 months post chem and I have had 2 hair cuts, mostly to tidy up the back and sides. They have left the top to grow, it was only a very small hair cut but I felt so good afterwards.

Having never had curly hair before it has been a very steep learning curve to deal with it. It kept going frizzy. Hairdresser has been very patient in helping me to cope with the curls. Everyone tells me they love my hair, i am not sure. I would love to have a longer fringe though. I always had a long fringe because I feel i have what my kids call a “large spam”. But as my hair grows it gets more curly so may be I will never have a fringe.

Never thought after 50 years I would be learning how to do my hair again. I am thinking of using the holland and barrett hair dye as my hair is so dark I think it makes me look pale, so thinking of using a brown dye, not done it yet though.