When do rads start after lumpectomy??

Hi i have recently had a lumpectomy 19th May, just wondered how long you have to wait to start rads?

Also the wound is not healing very well, still an open bit that does not want to seal together. Unfortunately the scar is under the breast and i think the boob is too heavy for the skin to seal together. Have been told by nurse at GP to keep dressing it and it will eventually heal !!! Great.

Anyone else had a similar problem?
Beat wishes

Hi Sarah
Sorry your not healing very well. I had a WLE and my rads started 6wks after op, I think that’s fairly average from what I have read. My scars healed ok but they were higher up the breast and stitched inside and out. I was advised to start using aqueous cream all over the breast and surrounding area as soon as possible to prepare for the rad’s, you may not be able to use it on the area that hasn’t healed yet, I would check. Once healed I found massaging with the cream 2 times a day also helped to improve my scars. Unfortunately some people do split a bit under the breast towards the end of the rads treatment, I did and like you I have heavy breasts and the movement stopped it healing but within 2 wks it was fine and still is. The rads nurses will help you and send you for dressings and creams etc if necessary.
I hope this hasn’t been to much information I found the more I new the better I was prepared and able to cope.
Wishing you all the best
Caz x