When do side effects start? (Anastrozole)

I started taking Anastrozole 6 days ago. Of course I expected a thunder bolt or something of side effects to hit me but I know it will be a gradual thing.

I’m taking them at night and the only side effect I’ve got is heartburn so I’m thinking maybe I need to take them with a meal.

Im just dreading feeling awful and developing side effects after a relatively few weeks feeling ‘normailsh’ after chemo and radiotherapy have ended.

Lou x

Hi louby_lou

I think anticipation of side effects is a big problem but who’s to say you will get them? Or you’ll get them severely enough to be unwell? We rarely hear the good stories here, do we?

I was put on anastrozole by the hospital and, apart from some much-needed weight gain, I was fine for the first three months. Then the hospital prescription was passed to my GP and the problems began. I was fine on the Accord brand but my pharmacist supplied Teva and other brands, according to what she’d be sent. I had muscle aches, hot flushes, joint pain. Once my GP specified Accord brand on my prescription, the issue was mostly solved.

There have been several threads about brands of HT so I know I’m not the only one, even if my pharmacist insists it’s nonsense. It’s not. There’s lots of anecdotal evidence. But even if it was psychosomatic, so what? Only one brand left me feeling myself. So make a note of your brand if you continue to feel ok - it is very early days for you. Enjoy that after all you’ve been through. A bit of a respite is needed, not spoilt by anticipation of what might not happen.

All the best with the Anastrozole xx

Hi,   I have now been on Anastrozole since beginning of March and was extremely anxious regarding all the horrid side effect they can cause.     Well so far I am having hot flushes and some night sweats and a few mild muscles aches.   I do have some nights when I find it difficult to sleep and stay asleep but nowhere near as bad as I was expecting.   I hope I get anymore side effects as time goes on.   I agree with the person who said that people dont post when things are going ok