When do you have first mammogram

Hi everyone can anyone tell me when I should have my first mammogram.  Is it 12 months after surgery (which I had first) or is it 12 months after chemotherapy and radiotherapy?  There’s a 7

month difference so want to be sure.  Thank you

Mine was exactly 12 months from the original recall apt as my DCIS was detected on my first routine mammogram when I turned 50! X

It is usually 12 months from the date you were diagnosed with BC. When your consultant confirmed the results of the investigation tests (mammogram, ultra sound and needle biopsy) and told you it was BC.

Hi I had my first mammogram on 6 Jan, 1 year after the one that showed up the lump. Waiting for the results to arrive. 

Mine would have been 1year on diagnosis date, but as was having matching surgery scheduled around the year anniversary of discovery date the first one was early.
My second one was also early as still have breast pain, and had some rib pain too. Saw Onc who did one stop screenings on that day, mamo, ultrasound scan and partial chest xray, and then saw me again to confirm all ok, changes seen just consistant with scarring. The rib pain a common post radiotherapy complaint. Did nit expect all that intervention at that appt, but delighted as no time to stress. NHS treatment - fabulous
Good luck,
LL xx

I got my diagnosis 22/1/15 so interested as to when get mammogram. I am seeing my consult next week. However, I got a temp implant after mastectomy in Aug and have now developed pain in rib under implant - feels bruised. Lexilou your comment has helped calm me - will be mentioning it when meet consultant but given me hope that not necessarily the bad scenarios I have been panicking about ??