When do you start to feel well after Taxotare

When do you start to feel well after Taxotare

When do you start to feel well after Taxotare HI
I finished chemo 2 weeks ago. Three FEC and three Taxotare. I still have aches in hips/plevis and my neck and shoulders, My mouth is much better and headaches are now gone. I just want to know how much longer before the aches and pains go. They are not bad, but as you can imagine I am beginning to think it is something else. I was scaned in Sept after diagnosis and the scans were clear. I am not due to see the oncologist until 2/4/07. I am just so fed up with feeling rubbish and just want to feel OK again. Maybe I am expecting too much too soon.


Hi Geraldine,
I had 4 x AC chemo and then 4 x taxotere. By the 3rd Taxotere, I felt extremely rough, very achey as you’ve described. However, by the 3rd week of finishing the taxotere, I was back at work. I wasn’t feeling 100% but was up to getting out and about. One of my friends had terrible trouble with the aches and pains and I think she still has problems a year down the line. It’s more when she’s tired. I hope this hasn’t worried you but hopefully help you to see that it does affect people in different ways.

A year down the line from Taxotere, I feel great, have a full head of hair and apart from the occasional achiness, am fine.

All the best,

Be kind to yourself… Hi Geraldine,
I had 4 x FEC and 4 x Taxotere - I found the last taxotere totally wiped me out for a good three weeks, however after another two or three weeks I felt much better - not back to normal but able to walk upstairs without puffing and my eyes finally stopped running too!
Sprite x