When & how often for ECG?

Hi all - just wondering about a couple of things if you could let me know your experiences please:-

  1. What sort of break did you have before starting Herceptin after Radio?
    My last radio is on 29th July. I’ve got an appointment for Herceptin Assessment on 23 August. I had my baseline ECG before Radio so not sure what the Aug assessment is actually for.

  2. How often do you have repeat ECG?
    When I had baseline ECG I was told that I’d have another one with each Herceptin treatment. However the lady concerned was surprised when I said “so that’ll be every 3 weeks then”. She thought it was infused every 3 or 6 months but quantified that by saying “they’re always changing the regimes”.

I intended to ring my unit next week to ask but it’d be nice to hear how others have fared.

Many Thanks - Chris

Hi chris

I can only tell you what happened for me. My herceptin was started with the last of my chemo which was before surgery and rads
I had an ECG before the herceptin was started, and then every three months

Good luck


I started my Herceptin about a month after finishing rads, and had echograms every 3 months. With the first Herceptin I had to stay on a ward for about 8 hours, with regular obs. The next was on the chemo unit and I was in for about 3 hours. After that they were done at home, and took about 2 hours each time.

I am currently half way through my 18 herceptin treatments. I started herceptin at my 5th chemo of 6 and have continued since every 3 weeks. I have had 3 Heart scans and 1 ECG. So, it would appear that I have my scan every 3 months. And the good news is, all good so far! hope you all do well too. J.

Thank you for your replies & personal experiences.

I’m waiting for my ONC’s secretary to return my call so I can get a better idea of how they plan to continue. I now suspect they could very well drop my 1st appt on me very shortly after my assessment on 23rd Aug - that’ll be very nearly a month from the end of my radio.

All the best to you all - Chris

Hi Chris,

I was exactly the same as CMW.

At my Herceptin assessment I was told all about what would happen and I had an examination.