When is first follow up Mammogram after treatment and were you offered MRI?

I was just wondering if the first mammogram/follow up appointment after breast cancer treatment is a year after the diagnosis or a year after treatment ends.


Also if your cancer did not show on the mammogram  and was only seen on MRI , were you offered an MRI at the follow up appointment. ?


I had the full treatment , mastectomy, chemo, and radiation, but as I had dense breasts the initial mammogram was clear , only a very little bit was seen on ultrasound  (only because i directed her to where the deep lump was) and then when i had an MRI only then was the full extent show. This was at a Glasgow hospital.


Just wondering what others experiences have been.


It does vary a little but mine was a year from diagnosis. my cancer was picked up via an ultrasound after a clear mammogram but I’m still only given an annual mammogram which makes no sense to me but they assure me it is sufficient, I disagree but short of paying privately it’s all I’m going to get! Xx Jo