When is it OK to colour hair after chemo?

Hi Ladies

My mum had her last chemo at the end of february. How long should she wait before she colours her new hair!!??!!


Hi Sam

I was advised to wait for 6 months which I did. I finished chemo at the end of August and coloured my hair in February - that was having lots of highlights put in by my hairdresser. There are far more natural colours available without all the chemicals so not sure if these can be applied much sooner. Certainly the highlights I had have done no damage whatsoever.


Hi Sam,

I finished chemo in January and I an going to put semi permanent colour on next week. I don’t think it would be wise to put permanent colour on until 6 months is up however anything herbal or ammonia free should be fine.

Happy colouring

Brenda x

I waited 6 months and then used a semi-permanent with no trouble at all.

I spoke to my breast care nurse about this one.
There is a fantastic dye in Holland and Barrat, I used that about 2 months after chemo finished. It is such a gentle dye even though it is permentant. It smells nothing like the harsh chemicals of normal hair dye.
It was great on my hair, my hair in fact felt better after it was dyed.

Good Luck

I used Naturtint on mine, that’s the one from Holland and Barratt. I am continuing to use it as I like it much better even though it’s about nine quid. I have got a lot of compliments on how the colour suits me (mind you, the people might be comparing it to when I was bald, heh heh)


I was told to wait 26 weeks from the last chemo…being an ex hairdresser I jumped the gun and did a few test chunks on my inch of hair. If your Mum was used to going lighter before chemo you will probably find it doesnt ‘lift’ as easily as before.

Blonde shades tend to come out rather brassy for the first few months as the hair seems to come back rather resistant at first.

At the 6 month point I went to an organic hairdresser and had 3 colour foils put in…they took longer than usual to take but the result was fab.

If your mum wants to go darker or cover grey I think you can use the organic shades from the chemist etc.

Best wishes to you both Judy x

i coloured mine after 4 months having checked with my breast care nurse first… i was so grey i preferred to be bald in public. i finished chemo in june and was a lovely blonde in october. i used my usual colour and all has been fine… i expect we are all different but your mum should do what makes her feel goo and safe,

happy colouring!!


Hi Lenny,
Can I ask what you used on your hair?

I was so grey and decided to go blonde but as Judy said it went a bit brassy.

Judy …where did you find an organic hairdresser, I didn`t know they existed. Do you find your hair is a bit cotton woolly? I am nine months after chemo and had loads cut off last week,hope it grows a bit stronger this time!!


Hi Sam

I finished chemo in March and dyed my hair with a semi permanent ‘Botanics’ range from Boots last week. My hair has come in quite grey so I used a shade slightly darker than my usual and delighted with the results. Now going out scarf/wig free and loving it.

Anne x

Hi girls and Toronto

We have a couple of organic salons here in Portsmouth. The dyes arent totally chemical free but apparently they dont contain the dangerous ones.

My hair came back really strong and curly and its still in great condition despite having had foils done 3 times in 8 months.

I was never told a time span so asked my hairdresser who is a colour specialist. My hair grew back salt and pepper and when it was 5mm long she dyed it purple using natural organic dyes. I loved my hair after chemo. It was short and curly and coloured funky colours. It gave me a real lift having it done. Sadly it has returned to my boring brown with grey and slightly wavy. I still have it dyed every 6 weeks, it’s my one big treat, no more packets over the bath for me!


I put a semi permanent dye on my hair about 2 months after finishing chemo, it made me feel a lot better as my hair came back utterly white which might be fashionable but I hated it on me so have gone for a natural soft blonde, since I need so little I didnt make up the whole pack and have found it very good value as I will get about 4 or 5 treatments out of one pack and the colour is very natural and made my hair look shiny and healthy.


If anyone is interested I will find the pack to find out the brand

I finished Chemo 3months months ago today. My hairs not practically long enough to go wigless just yet. But i will be desperate to dye it within tbe next month im sure. Probably going to go for a baby blonde shade from H&B ( its currently a dingy light brown) Always had Blonde highlights previously. Any advice? ?