When should I get a mammogram?

Hi everyone,

Hoping there is someone out there who can help me.

My mum was first diagnosed with breast cancer almost 16 years ago at the age of 39. At the time I remember her telling me that her consultant had said I should start having mammograms from the age of 29 (i.e. 10 years before that age at which she was diagnosed).

I am now 29 so wondering whether I should expect to be called for a test or whether I need to contact my GP. Or have things changed since then? Does what I’ve said seem reasonable? I was only 13 at the time so maybe I’ve missed remembered! I can’t ask my mum as she died 4 years ago.

If anyone can help I’d really appreciate it.


Hi boost

Forums have been a bit busy today so I suspect your post fell off the bottom of the page.

Personally, I think you should book an appointment with your GP, if you have a GP that you can relate to, to talk it over. I know you’ll have less than 10 minutes to do so but if you put it all down on paper beforehand you can perhaps just give your notes to the GP to read, and let them deal with the points one by one.

If you’ve been worried enough to post on here, then make that GP appointment. I don’t think any of us here would say you’re wasting your time. I think you’re actually being very responsible in your approach and I commend you for your forward thinking.


I agree that you should contact your GP. My daughters will also need to have early screening and I think that I have heard that ten years before your mother’s diagnosis is the time to start. You may find that you will be offered a MRI scan at your age rather than a mammogram. Could I suggest that you ring the helpline here for more information, as well, as I have found them so helpful when I have needed information.

Good luck

not sure where about you are but our clinic screen women 5 years younger than the diagnosis age of the youngest affected person.

however we do not do mammograms on women under 30 through screening and i think this maybe the same in england and wales.

its def worthwhile asking for a referral to genetics as they will go through your family tree and discuss your risk and organise screening for you… it can take a wee while so you may be 30 by the time you get your screening appt anyway…

i know in england now they arent very keen to start screening until age 40 in some areas.

16 years ago this wasnt such an issue as they were setting up family history clinics and at that time would have seen younger women but now we are more aware than we were in the 90s and wouldnt want to increase somebodys risk by having too much radiation.

Lulu x