When should I start wearing a bra?

I am 8 days post op (bilateral implant reconstruction) and was wondering when I should be starting to wear a bra? I want my shape to look as natural as possible, and will do whatever it takes!!

Thanks x

Hi Poannie,

I had bilateral recon using skin and muscle from the back with implants, I started off with a soft sports bra after approx 2 weeks then after 6 1/2 weeks I was able to wear the usual underwired bra which my surgeon was quite happy me doing.

Obviously everyone is different and I am very luck in that I didn’t have any complications after the surgery and healed really well.

Hope the above helps

Take care


Thanks Karen. Just didn’t want to leave it too long, or on the flip side, start too soon!! My friend has a maternity sleep bra that she’s letting me borrow… a bit bigger then me to accommodate the swelling etc…

Thanks again xx

Hi Poannie,

I like you know had my expanders fitted 16th Jan and as soon as the dressings came off the nurse had me in a sports bra even though i didn’t need it, and told me to wear to night and day she also gave me some softies to pop in my bra (8 weeks later still doing that) but other girls have been told not to wear one until they have there expander implants exchanged for normal implants.

Cant wait to buy some nice bra’s, but wont be for a few months yet, other girls have said how they have brought underwired bras and taken the wires out, thought that was good idea.

Michaela x x


Thanks for your comment. I had my expanders switched last week for my silicone squishy ones…

I must confess, I hardly ever wore a bra when I had my tissue expanders in, as I just felt I didn’t need to. They just stay put and don’t move!! LOL

Hope yours go well xxx


I had double masectomey with immediate recon. and I’m now trying to help my breast take form. I have cut the wire out of my bras and that seems to help. Any suggestions would be great as to brand names. Also, does anyone know have silicone implants that actually stay up or will that have to be another surgery? Thank you and best of luck to everyone.