When to Start Arimidex

Can anyone help me? I finished chemo (taxotere) three weeks ago yesterday. Now having Herceptin - 3rd yesterday. When I saw onc three weeks ago he wrote out prescription for Arimidex. Unfortunately neither myself or other half can remember when he said to start it. We think he said wait until you over chemo. I rang bcn she said you have appt on monday (yesterday). True. When I went I was immediately sent to chemo ward for Herceptin - so no chance to ask again. Just wondered if anyone else had started Arimidex at the end and if so when. Many thanks.

I am on tamoxifen, not Arimidex, but I started it the day I started rads, which was about four weeks after my last chemo, but before I started herceptin (which I didn’t start until after rads)

Thanks roadrunner. I guess its ok to start anytime now. I had last chemo three weeks ago. Started Herceptin. Due to start rads on 5/1/09. Neverending. Timing doesnt sound that vital in the scheme of all the other treatment. I wonder why some people start Taxmoxifen straight away after op and others wait until near the end. They say it is all geared to the individual.