When to start Chemo?

Hi. I had surgery last Tues (5th) both breasts and sentinel nodes. Because of staff shortages and Christmas it took a while to get here and I feel I need to get away before Chemo starts. I don’t have a date yet or anything but can I say that I want to hold off for a week or two so I can get away or am I kidding myself that I have any sort of control about what is happening? How long after surgery would Chemo normally start? Thanks

Hi ssellis

Don’t worry too much, I started chemo 9 weeks after my surgery and you have full control over what ever is right for you. Try and get in touch with your surgeon or oncologist and tell them how you feel and what you want to do, if they think it’s urgent you start chemo, they will say, but the chances are, what ever hospital you are at, there will be a wait. 

So try not to get stressed and just remember, your body, your control, your decisions, just get all the facts first and if not sure, do some research and talk to those who have had the experience.

Good luck hope this helps