When to take Letrozole?

I’ve been prescribed Letrozole by my oncologist today. When is the best time to take the tablets, she said others take them before bedtime. But I have read somewhere that to try and avoid the side effects take them in the morning with plenty of fluids.

Fortunately I won’t be having chemo but will be having radiotherapy after my bone scan and Bisphosphonate treatment.

The reason I’m getting a bone scan is it showed cysts at the top of my spine in a CT scan.

So I could do with advice to help me avoid problems.

Wolfie xx

Hi Wolfiesmate,

not sure if this will help, however it’s worth a try,I was prescribed  Letrazole ( Accord) about 4 weeks ago it was my decision to take it at night 11pm as we never go to bed before 11pm.

I will be starting my next months supply this Monday 21st, I’m pleased to say that though I was warned by my Oncologist and BCN about possible side effects, so far the few I’m having are manageable, apart from the constipation which I take senna to help. I was also prescribed CalciD for my bones which I take as soon as I get up in the morning.

I also try to do get some exercise daily as in walking, weather permitting.

I’m also starting Radio therapy on the 24th February, after having a Lumpectomy in November followed be a second operation to get clear .

I hope I’ve been able to help and you find what suits you.

Good luck, stay safe. 
Rena. :rainbow:  X

Not been on mine long but I take it in the morning (no reason why) outside I take other meds and they need taking in the morning) so I keep it simple.

So, far I am ok on it, yes I get cold - but that started with the chemo my feet especially even a hot water bottle does not warm them up, they do make me hungry though so I really need to control that (but sometimes a bag of crisps or a choccie bar is like a HUGE comforting hug when under such stress and worry. Also had a couple of mild hot flushes but nothing like the actual menopause - had a bone density scan which I was told will be performed again next year to see what is happening.

I start my 15 session radiotherapy on the 8th April I already take on a lot of fluid so hoping I will be ok that way but I suppose time will tell.
I think we have to find ways that work best for us - hope you find yours and all goes well.