When was your first mammogram after treatment finished?

Hi Everyone

I am a little confused about when I should be having my first mammogram after DX, which was in Dec 07. I thought I would be having one in Dec 08. I have been waiting for it to drop through the door and naturally felt nervous with expectation.

The other day I rang the breast care unit and was told I was not on the system in Dec. I spoke to the surgeon’s secretary who told me it was a year after treatment finished, I finished RADS in July. I find this a little strange, and I wonder if this is accurate? I saw the surgeon in July and the Onc in Sept, and I am due to see the surgeon again in Jan.

Wondered what other people’s experiences were? Should I be worried? I must have got the annual mammogram from somewhere?

Any thoughts?


Hi Sarah

I was diagnosed in October 2007 and thought I’d be having a mammogram in October 2008 - not so! Nothing came through the letterbox so I asked the breast cancer clinic. They intimated that it would be up to my oncologist to decide. I saw him at the end of October and he said it as too soon. I don’t see him again until the beginning of June, which is a little worrying. I see my surgeon at the breast cancer clinic at the beginning of February so I am going to ask him. It all seems a bit airy fairy for my liking!

I have read postings from other ladies who have had mammograms on a yearly basis. It seems to depend on which part of the country you live in - again a tad worrying!

Hope this has helped.

Lynda x


Every hospital seems to do it differently, but I was told I would have a mammo in June next year which will be 1 year from diagnosis. However you seem to be seeing your surgeon and onc quite a lot - my onc said there wasn’t any point in seeing him again after I finished treatment in September this year. He said just wait for mammo and surgeon in June 09. I was treated privately so it’s not because the NHS are trying to save money. It was suggested to me that “seeing someone” every few months was just to stop women getting in a panic and not because it did any good. Perhaps they are trying to save money in your case by not screening women so often. You can have one done privately if you wish for about £75 if you don’t have insurance.

Hi - we have to wait 2 years after diagnosis at my hospital - then it is every 2 years there after.

Hope all stays good for you Jacqui

Hi all
I was diagnosed in June 07 and my mammogram was supposed to be one year later but think it was a month or two after that. I see my oncologist every 3 months and when I see, him as well as asking how I feel, he checks over the area that was operated on, feels my glands around my back and front and in my armpits. I feel better knowing that I’m doing this every 3 months but at some point, it’ll move to every 6 months and then a year - hopefully!

Hi Ladies

Thanks for the advice, it seems like it’s one of these hit and miss things dependent on where you live. It doesn’t help though does it?


I know, how odd. Finish rads later today (whoopee!) and have follow-up appointments lined up with clinical oncologist and mammogram next April. Like Ruby, it should be a 3 month/6 month and then annual schedule until 2012.

Although god knows how I’ll get my recently reduced right breast stuffed into the mammo thing. Cross that bridge when we come to it!

hi i was dx in sept 07 but had lumpectomy oct then mastectomy and recon dec. i am now on herceptin and as you do went to see consultant after no5 to see how its all going. that was last week. it was only on here i read people have mamogram after a year. i was only told i wouldnt need it on recon side. i did have mri on good side in dec as i wasnt happy with mamogram as didnt pick up my lump. anyway i asked consultant at my vivsit and she said i should have one yearly so she would check it out. wow she did as i was at reception booking my feb 09 appt when she came up and said there was nothing on system for me so asked recptionist to book me one there and then so i now have my appt for 18th dec. i am so scared though. i cant go through what i have been through the last year…
good day to you all no snow here in bedfordshire. take care .
x juliex

I was dxd in Feb 07 and ended up having mastectomy and recon in April 07, with no further treatment, apart from tamoxifen. I had my first mammo in May this year, so it was one year after treatment had finished.

Sally x


I was dx in Feb 06 and in Jan 07 my onc said as it was a year since all the original tests then I should be having a mammo. I refused and convinced him to send me for an MRI scan. Mammo are, tops, 80% accurate so I’m taking no risks.


I have been told that first mammo will be about 12-18 months after treatment finished

Louise x

I was diagnosed Oct 5th 2006, didn’t get first mammo until Dec 31st 2007 because the breast clinic was inundated with new patients via the mobile screening programme. The surgeons and oncologists decided which patients they were least likely to find anything in and I fell into that category; also I was on Herceptin so still seeing the oncologists. They also reassured everyone who had been shunted back that they would be reorganising things in January so everyone would be seen 12 monthly. I had my last mammogram 3 weeks ago and have a review appointment on Friday morning.