When will First mammogram post mascetomy take place

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it has been over a year since I had left side mascetomy with reconstruction. I had six month follow up in Oct 2017 where further reconstruction was discussed for right breast which is now larger than left breast op will take place if all goes well in April. 


When should first mommogram take place. March year after op or in October year after 1st follow up appointment. No good asking my GP because you will be asked why you want to see GP. I had to wait til Thursday to phone for an appointment and get grilled again and even then you are not guaranteed one if is not deemed urgent and you will have to go through the process all over again. (I only got referred through mammogram screening)


First mammogram is usually done a year after surgery. Although some hospitals vary on that.

Rather than go into through your gp, ask your bcn. You will be in the system at the hospital, so you need to chase it up through them. 


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Hi Gingernut,  i had my first mammogram in January - one year after initial diagnosis - the appointment letter came straight from the hospital, not via the GP, and I had the mammogram at the hospital followed about ten days later by results appointment with the consultancy team. Have already received the hospital letters for January 2019 appointments.


Without looking it up, believe its yearly mammograms for five years after first diagnosed.


So bcn probably best one to call, just to check all is ok.


best wishes,  girly