where are your tattoos please?

Hi all

I’d be very interested to know where your tattoos are and what you have been told about weight loss …

I have 4 …

Mine are :
* an inch above point where breasts join - slightly to the left (affected breast)
* 2-3 inches below where breasts join
* about 5-6 inches directly under left armpit
* about 5-6 inches directly under right armpit

I don’t feel so bad about them this week although it’s annoying that the biggest and therefore darkest one is the one on show in my cleavage!

I have read on previous posts that you shouldn’t lose weight while undergoing raditherapy due to tattoo’s positioning. Given where mine are I can’t see how they are going to move with weghtloss myself … or heaven forbid - weight gain!!! AAGGHH!! … Ideas anyone …

Answers on a posting … cheers
love FB xxxx … still waiting for a start date …

Hi FizBix

I have 5 tattoos.

1 in the middle of my cleavage (had lumpectomy)

1 at 10 o’clock (looking at my right breast)

1 at 11 o’clock - ditto -

1 at 4" below armpit on side of ribcage

1 just underneath breast on edge of ribcage at 6 o’clock (looking at breast)

I am going to invest in a spot cover up stick to do the one on my cleavage as the others are not too noticeable.

No one has mentioned about losing weight whilst on rads, only the advice on this site. Bit peeved at that as I am due to go on my hols 3 days after finishing rads and was up to ‘losing a stone’ before my hols (lol - logically thinking I had no bloody chance!!!)

Rads start next tuesday and are at 9.36 each morning for a duration of 12 minutes! How precise!

looking forward to getting it all over and done with then recovery begins (I’m a triple negger like you)


… from your comments we have the same approach to weightloss … I LAUGHED …:

like you I can’t wait to get it over (28 sessions - just IMAGINE how much weight you could lose in 6 weeks! … :slight_smile:
love FB xx


I can just picture myself now…a very fit GI Jane (bit uglier than Demi Moore tho!!!)

************ I WISH *********************

Hair coming back and now going commando - no wig for the past month.

ha ha


Only have two tattoos - one about 1 cm from centre of chest - on affected breast and the other like you under the armpit about 4" down.

Weight loss - what’s that? Have to say I am a bit surprised that I haven’t put on loads of weight since diagnosis (only a pound or two) because I have been eating what I fancy and very little exercise (used to do quite a lot).

Looby x


I have 3 tattoos - one is directly between my breasts and I keep thinking it’s a blackhead! Doh! But I figure if I don’t point it out to people they won’t notice it - or if they do notice it then they’re looking somewhere they shouldn’t be, LOL

the other 2 are on either side of my body, sort of in the underarm department.

My boyfriend said they are so symmetrical I should have a daisy chain done to join them up after treatment - erm, NO!

As regards weight loss I haven’t been told anything, I haven’t put on weight as such since my treatments began, but I have lost muscle tone because I used to do a lot of dancing (pole dancing to be precise) but I haven’t had the energy or strength. At the moment I am making myself do 10 situps a night and that’s as much as I can manage. I walk wherever I can get away with not taking the car but I couldn’t jog. Thankfully my appetite has returned to normal and the chemo induced nausea has gone away so I don’t crave stodgy carbs and can eat less without feeling sick to make up for lack of exercise. I want my 6 pack back tho :frowning:

Had first session today and now have another on my nipple!