Where do we go from here?

Good Evening and thank you for this wonderful forum. After spending hours of reading many posts on this website, our story mirrors so many others in that a little while ago, my wife (39 years old) found a lump in her lower outer right breast, she made an appointment to see our GP who advised my wife she may have mastitis but would refer her to the breast clinic. 2 weeks later she attended the clinic whereby she was told immediately by the consultant that she was 99% certain it was breast cancer, a mammogram was done and ultrasound scan showed nothing untoward in the armpit but the consultant said that due to skin changes around the nipple (slight pinkish discolouration and thickness) that this was a bad sign. A punch biopsy was done and we were sent home for 2 weeks to await results, that was last Thursday, 15th Feb and 2 days after our 17th wedding anniversary. My wife is so positive and strong saying we mustn’t read too much into anything until the results which we get on 1st March. I’m in awe of my wife and her mental strength as well as her positive attitude which again, is a reflection of all of you here who are at some point on this journey. These 2 weeks waiting for the biopsy results are difficult but reading all of your own experiences makes us realise that although life as we know it at the moment is “on hold” we are not alone.
Since being told of the provisional diagnosis, one thing is extremely evident and that is how much closer as a family unit we have already become (we have 2 daughters, 8 and 14 who don’t know).
I guess I just wanted to share our experience with you all and “offload” a bit and also to just say thank you for sharing your experiences which have been a huge help. X



Hello and welcome to this lovely forum where you and your wife will get loads of support from the wonderful ladies on here.


It is wonderful to read your very supportive post about your wife.  I think we can all relate to how much this changes our perspective on life.  I can totally understand about the children, there is a very good booklet on the Information and Support section on the main page which give help on how to approach the subject with younger children. 


Let us know how you get on and remember we are here for both of you, there is always someone on here who will be able to give you help and support.


Sending you both hugs  xxx


Helena xxx


Thank you Helena, I’ve been singing the praises of this site to my wife because I think there is so much scary, irrelevant and out of date information on Google whereas here it is real people with real experiences.

That’s so positive and inspirational xx



Just wanted to say hi also. I think it"s great that you have posted - my husband has been really supportive but he wouldn’t have thought to look for a site such as this. I’m glad that you are finding support here already. Like Helena, I didn’t start posting on here until I was a few weeks post surgery, but I was very glad that I did. I finished active treatment at the end of last year. I have a daughter aged 13 and a son aged 11. There are information booklets here that you can download or order regarding talking to your children about cancer, if you need to. There’s also one for school. The waiting for results will seem like an eternity and the best thing is to try and carry on with things as ‘normal’ if you can, which it sounds as though you are. Not easy all of the time I know. 


Thinking of you and your wife. Best wishes xx

Thank you for the information Hufflepuff, I’m sure it will come in handy as and when we should need it. We have been trying to Cary on as normal and in fact have started doing more things together like going for short walks whilst the girls are at school, which is something we haven’t done for ages and I can honestly say I’ve never felt closer to my wife than now. Roll on the next 7 days and the results then we can really start planning for the future, whatever that may be. XX

Just to add my own best wishes to you both, Bikerbloke & it’s good to see you here & the positive way you’re handling this. You’re right, it does get better when the treatment plan is in place, as ever, the uncertainty when waiting is always the worst bit.
Do take care
ann x

Hi, I’m new to this forum and still feeling like a rabbit in headlights … I was diagnosed with HER2 positive and hormone related breast cancer on 2nd January (my sons birthday) I’ve had surgery and due to go back on Tuesday 6th March for results of my lymph nodes. I’ve been told I’ll need chemotherapy, radiotherapy, herceptin injections and hormone therapy but I’m just wondering how long after getting results does the treatment start … thanks 



Just checking to see how you both got on yesterday


Helena xx

Thank you Ann-m xx

Hi Mishamoo, we only received the results yesterday and surgery is booked for 3 weeks time so you are slightly ahead of us with your journey xx best wishes xx

Hi Helena and thank you for taking the time in asking, We had our results yesterday and ithe initial diagnosis was correct, on a positive note my wife is HER2 POS and surgery is booked for 3 weeks time followed by 3-5 weeks of radiotherapy and depending on results from node biopsy possibly chemo as well, still it could have been a lot worse and my wife is very positive for the future as is the consultant. We have now told our 2 daughters as we have had to cancel our upcoming holiday to Orlando but I’ve promised them we will still go once Mum is better. Onwards and upwards as they say. It’s true what everyone says that once those 2 weeks of waiting is done it’s easier to accept and plan the next steps which is how we are taking it, one step at a time focusing on what is and not what could be.
PS, I would strongly encourage any husband, Boyfriend, Partner to join this forum as it is a huge help for all.
Thanks again, xx

Hi Bikerbloke,

I was thinking of you both yesterday. At least you have a plan of treatment now which makes things a little easier. I hope that you are all as ok as you can be. Orlando will still be there a few months down the line and will be something to look forward to.

Best wishes to you all. You’ll be really well supported here xx