Where have prayers gone?

I have checked what I thought was an obvious place to look ‘In Memory’ and its not there.
Magsi and group are in the lakes this weekend so doubt they will log in to help.
So if anyone can shed any light?
Sometimes my faith is really tested! Seek and ye shall find erm…
Love Debsxxx

Hi Debs,
The Prayers thread has been moved to the (Living With Breast Cancer) catagory.
Think its because Chit Chat is no longer listed on the Latest posts so was not easy for anyone to find.
Hope this helps
Lindiloo x

Thanks Lindiloo,
I have found it but can’t say that is the best place for it. I would have put it under ‘In Memory’
Heck I sound a grumpy bum.
Love Debsxxx

Having same problem with Liverpool thread and I am a grumpy bum!!