Where is debs2030?

I hope everything is good for you. Where are you? Just checking in to see if your okay.

Hi Jon

You are sweet!!! Yeah I’m fine had my op and waiting to go back to hospital to find out what happens next. But feeling good apart from a bit of swelling, well quite a lot really. But good. What about you, everything settled down now? Are you still going ahead with your op? Lovely to hear from you

Debs x

Thats good to hear. I am waiting on the results of a blood test. Doctor wants to rule out any other cause before removing it. As it would go away if there were another cause and it was treated. Now I’m a little stressed about what the results are gonna be. All kinds of different causes of my condition. Still alittle paranoid sometimes that it might be bc but surgeon assured me so hopefully he is right as time would be precious.

Glad your okay.