where is DM

Where are yu , how did your results go? i get mine tomorrow but know to expect bad news due to markers .
hope you are ok ?
love Tracy xx

Hi Tracy

Just wanted to wish you luck with your results tomorrow. Will be thinking of you - and Dawn (believe she is still waiting for her results too).

Take care

Kay xx

thanks kay , been on a spending spree today to try forget a bit . hate to hear it tho , like yu must of couple of weeks ago.xxxxxxxxxxxx
lotsa love

Hi Tracy

Sorry not been posting much recently, still waiting for my results and been struggling with it really, and trying to keep busy (not that I have that much choice with the 2 muppets LOL), but am so sure that it will give me bad news, keep trying to think otherwise, but so hard, with all recent events etc.

Keeping everything crossed for you and for me and lets hope we both get some good news.

On another front though, I have gone “commando” - ditched the wig. Have had my hair cut and highlighted and everyone thinks looks fab, day 2 today of the “new look” and is a relief actually not to worry about wig getting wet/blown away, or knocking it slightly as wasn’t sitting properly anymore. Was very hard sitting in hairdressers and having it done etc, but another hurdle I have jumped!! Took me long enough I know.

Lets hold hands Tracy while we wait and send each other strong vibes.

Take care and thanks for the message

will do dawn . have been the worst ever today , i dont know where to turn i cant stop shaking and crying again . my results were not in today so appointment tomorrow at 10 am .
went to pick up mum for lunch with my 12 yr old and all i did in the pub was cry , even went to bar and cried while ordering . couldnt eat lunch cos got incredibly painfull heartburn , so ended up dropping my mum at her partners house and rushing past him to lie on his bed . OMG when i look back then bawled my eyes out there .
some may think i need to get it together but i cant , i knw i have bad results as as i say my markers have risen twice on xeloda now.
i dont know next chemo maybe navelbine he said .
i have gone to bed now as my legs are too jelly with nerves .
well done dawn on the hair , i bet you look stunning .
lotsa love xxxx

Hi Tracy
I really do hope you are wrong re your results. They are so cruel keeping you waiting I always ask my onc to ring with results.
We were going to London last weekend and I had my scan on the Wed onc rang Thurs to say some shrinkage but not as good as last scan that was 50% but some was good enough for me. I was meeting my youngest daughter she burst into tears as I look dreadful but at least I could assure her I am not as bad as I look!

Good Luck
Love Debsxxx


Hi - just wanted to say thinking of you tomorrow and hope its not as bad as you fear, sending you a cyber hug…its awful having to wait and then go in, I hear you on that I really do…dont be hard on yourself, you dont have to pull yourself together or do anything in particular, you/we have to go through so much crap, its terrible,

Dawn - hope you get your results soon, would love to see new hair

Off to get zometa tomorrow and have full chat with onc


I will keep my fingers crossed for the both of you. Hope everything goes well.



Don’t write on here a lot but follow the threads.

Dawn and Tracy - I really feel for you and what you are going through and pray that the news will be “better” than expected.

Big hugs to you both. You are very brave women.

Lots of love

Liz xxx