Where is everyone from?

Sorry if this as isn’t allowed or there’s a place for this… please delete if needed
Where is everyone from… just wanted to see if there is anyone local/close to any of us?

I’m from Grimsby!

Hi queenbee.
I’m from Sunderland.

I am from the UnitedStates. Colorado??

Hastings East Sussex.

Sandra x

I’m from South shields… so in the middle of you two feelthefear and Anniej… small world xx

I’m in Suffolk so miles from any of you ! X

Surrey/west Sussex

I’m from Newcastle too Annie having good my surgery on Thurs and very stressed! Not sleeping much atm Michele x

Hi Annie. I’m being treated at Gateshead. Someone did suggest I request treatment at the RVI as they’re so good, but Gateshead have been great so far. Someone else said Durham is the best for reconstruction. I’ll maybe look into that further down the line. X

Annie, feel the fear, yeah I’ve heard in great hands being treated in Newcastle Gateshead trust thanks for the tips for op day! I think I’ll be relieved to have it out, just have to wait for sn biopsy results then I can finally relax! Xx

Feel the fear I’m at Gateshead too… my reconstruction is amazing…i couldn’t have asked for more. I think staff at Gateshead are great too everyone is so nice. I’ll be getting chemo at the Freeman though x

That’s good to hear melia. They’ve done a great job of my mastectomy and if your recon is good then I’ll stick to Gateshead for mine too. Chemo will also be at Gateshead as it’s easier to get to than Newcastle, although I know NCL are the lead in that area of treatment. I’ve heard some not so great things about other hospitals so it’s worth the half hour journey from home to Gateshead. X

Ah I didn’t even know Gateshead done chemo I thought it was all done at the Freeman. I’ll probably stick to their too as easier for me to get too also x

Yeah, the definitely do at Gateshead. I was speaking to my bc nurse about it last week. Who knows, we might bump into each other. If you see a 40 something year old with very short pre chemo hair and one boob considerably larger than the other that could be me. ??

I’m near Chichester, West Sussex

How many chemos do you havw left I’ve not started yet. But I will also be sporting a wonky Boob… and I’ve got long dark hair, though that won’t be around for much longer :frowning: I do hope I bump into you I need to find a friend im so dcatsd of that initial session xx

Hi melia. My mastectomy results are due this Wednesday, then I’ll find out my treatment plan. I’ve been advised to expect chemo and that my first session will be in around 5 weeks time. When is your first due?
I also had long hair, but decided to have it cut short a couple of weeks ago so that I’m used to it before I start chemo. It’s very strange. X

They said about 6/7 weeks about 2 weeks ago… so sounds like we might be starting together! Im in sams boat just waiting on oncoligist appointment chemo not definitely confirmed buy have said to be expected. Are u planning on cold capping? X

Same not sams

That’s great that we may be there at the same time. Although obviously we’d rather be doing other things.
I’m in two minds about cold capping. Wearing a block of ice for a hat doesn’t sound very appealing. This is why I’ve had my hair cut so short. So I’m not so emotional when it falls out. I will be wiping out the bank account to buy a real hair wig though.
I’m considering fasting for 72 hours before and 24 after. X