Where to start?

I was called for a routine breast screening mammogram after turning 50 a few months ago and they found something… 1 ultrasound and a biopsy and 3 weeks later I got the results a couple of days ago, I’ve got Breast Cancer.  

Feeling utterly stunned by the news, trying to read everything I can and went to the appointment armed with questions and a husband but now I’m feeling overwhelmed. 


It’s grade 1, stage 1 and 14mm so my loved ones keep telling me how lucky I am. 

I know I am lucky it was picked up so early but when faced with surgery and treatment in the months ahead I’m not feeling lucky.  I’m feeling cross!


The timeline I’ve been given was to see surgeon in 3 weeks then will schedule surgery 4- 6 weeks after that.  Depending on the outcome of the surgery if all is as expected and lymph not affected then 3 weeks of radiotherpy to follow after surgery recovery time (6 weeks) 


I’m looking at the calendar with my husband and trying to work out if we can still go away to celebrate our first wedding anniversary as planned, as well as work stuff I want to carry on with.  All a bit much to take in really. 

You’re allowed to feel cross, FT, there can be a gamut if emotions when going through this as it is a shock. 

Mine was found by screening too & was an early diagnosis, so thankfully, the mammo did it’s job & after the initial shock, I was relieved it was picked up when it was, as I had no symptoms.

This stage does settle & once the treatment plan is confirmed & treatment starts, it does feel better.

In my case, I had a WLE (wide local excision) to remove it & SNB (sentinel node biopsy) to check 2 nodes nearest the bc. This was done in day surgery & I was up & about as normal within a couple of days. I didn’t need chemo, but had radiotherapy, which is usually a 3 week course & again, no issues with it. I was pretty much back to normal after a few months.  I’m now just over 2 years down the road & doing just fine.

ann x


Dear FT, never fear my lovely, you find yourself in the same situation as many of us on here.
I found my own lump through self examination (not yet reached the age of being called up) and got sent to my Breast Clinic 2 weeks later. The results showed i was grade 2 IDC 15mm, a worry that lymph nodes involved as a couple were swollen. I had surgery 3 weeks. Lumpectomy and 3 nodes removed. Clear margins and clear nodes so no need for further surgery.
2 weeks after surgery I went abroad on holiday with the advice to wear my surgical socks on the flight and not to lift my suitcase!!!
Rads started 6 weeks after surgery and I had 15/3.
All the advice that i needed (aside from my NHS team) came from this forum. Its been my lifeline through this whole ordeal and now Im throught the worst, rads finished 6 werks ago, Im looking forward to working my way back to where life was before April.
You can literally just take it one hospital appointment at a time and don’t over think. Make decisions when they have to be made and ALWAYS TBINK OF YOURSELF FIRST. Sod everyone else, they will have to work around you.
Carry on with plans for your holiday as that will give you something lovely to look forward too.
You’re not alone in any of this, I know its hard to say don’t panic or go dolally, but you will get through it in the end. Im the biggest stress head ever and had a few mahoosive meltdowns, but now Im here trying to help and reassure others who have unintentionally joined the club.
You’ll get there xxxx

Hello FT, at the end of May I was where you are now…freshly diagnosed, angry, head full of rubbish and concerned for my holidays. Here I am now, a third of the way through rads and looking forward to life getting back to normal. Everyone is different of course but I was fortunate to be up and driving 4 days after surgery, went to Silverstone for F1 the following weekend, went to Hungary for F1 on our wedding anniversary at the end of July, And when I finish radiotherapy am off on holiday to Turkey and to watch the World Rally Championship in Marmaris. And still running a busy company in between ? My mantra was to not let BC rule my life…

Everyone is different of course and once things start gathering pace you will find your own level. This forum has helped me enormously on my BC journey and I hope it will for you too. 

Hi Firsttime, sorry you find yourself here but glad you found us as you will get lots of support from the lovely ladies here.  There is no easy way to receive the words “you have cancer” and the stage and size doesn’t change what you’re facing psychologically. You’re still faced with something completely unexpected.  I hope you manage to fit your holiday in before treatment starts.  Sending hugs. Xxx.

Here’s my story which I hope you find some comfort from lifeafterlola.com

First time


Just wanted to echo Ann’s word. I was diagnosed two years ago next month, like you from a routine mammo my third one  after turning 50. Grade 1, 17mm tublar BC hormone receptor positive. Sam as Ann, wle snb and 4 weeks of rads. Like you stunned and cross, I gave mine a name Mr Blobby which I told people he was going to out of my body along with his spots. Life has returned to normal albeit different due to what I have experienced but I am back to doing everything I used to do.


As ann says this is the worst time however with treatment plan in place you will have something to focus on giving yourself small milestones.


We are all here for you whenever or whatever you need us for.


Sending you hugs


Helena xx

Hi FirstTime


It’s Emily here from Breast Cancer Care.


I’m sorry that you find yourself here at the Forum, but thank you for sharing. 


I just wanted to let you know that we have telephone volunteers who have had similar diagnosis and treatment pathway to you, and we’d be able to put you in touch with someone if you’d like to talk. Feel free to give us a call on 0345 077 1893 if you’d like us to arrange this.


Wishing you all the best in the meantime, and I hope you do manage to celebrate your first wedding anniversary in style :slight_smile:


Best wishes

Emily at Breast Cancer Care