Where's my hair?

Hi girls,

Finished 4 x epi on 30th Oct. Had a bit of xeloda, but that was no good for me, so now on CMF without the ‘f’'. I’ve been told my hair should start growing…but WHEN? Any ideas?

Hi there Mo,
m,ine started growing almost as soon as I started CMF, I have one more to go and I have to say it is VERY BLOOMIN SLOW, but it is getting there. At a stage where I plucked my eyebrows for the first time today, can wear mascara and have enough hair at the back of my neck and above ears to be a bit less self-conscious when wearing hats etc.
So good luck (I have been using lots of moisturiser as it aches a bit as it comes though)
Here’s to being hairy again

i only had 3 epi and i am quite concerned because my hair has started grown i am the other way i keep think is chemo doing its job.
having lost eyebrows or eyelashes no hair any where else.
Not sure if its i still washed and conditioned my scalp and rubed almond oil in.
Hope your hair grows back soon


Hi Mo,
I’ve not grown any of my hair - on the contrary even my eyebrows shed this week which I wasn’t expecting at all, unlike Mal whose hair started growing straight away. Just my luck!! As you know from tact2 threads I’m at similar stage to you. 4 x epi now on 2nd cycle of xeloda…Why was xeloda no good Mo??



I guess I have been lucky on that one, as soon as I started on Xeloda, my hair stared to grow back, Im just starting session no 3 of Xeloda and my head has a full covering of hair, but it is inly about 6mm long.


Thanks for your comments girls. I think I’m just being impatient…I’d imagined I’d have a decent covering by Christmas! I pictured myself shopping for a bit of hair gel! Hey ho, that’s not gonna happen.

Fiona, xeloda didn’t work for me because I was one of the few people who suffered with chest pain while taking it, very scary, an my onc is taking no chances and keeping me off the tablets. I#m not even given the full CMF, just the CM, as the F is the same ingredient as xeloda.

I don’t have to have any treatment til 23rd Dec now, so I’m busy getting everything sorted for Christmas. O the joys of fitting in treatment around the busiest time of the year!!

Take care of yourselves girls