Where's my hair?

Where’s my hair?

Where’s my hair? I fiinished chemo 9th August and as yet have not seen any hair regrowth. What are others’ experiences as to how long it took for hair to start growing again? Am I being impatient or should I be starting to worry that its not going to come back?


Hi There Mine started to grow back straight away after I finished the E of E/CMF. I finished CMF last week and now have about an inch all over.

What chemo did you have?


It was FEC Hi Sonya

I had 8 x FEC which I know is the one that makes hair fall out so perhaps that’s why mine’s taking longer.

Take care and thanks for your reply


It’s coming … Hi Anne

I had FEC as well and finished my treatment in May. It took rougly 3 months for mine to grow and look OK (albeit short), so dont panic, it’ll be coming back soon.
Mines still quite thin to wht it was before but I’ve had lots of compliments on it.
I did notice it ws quite grey though and got a dye from Holland and Barratt which covered it really well.

Hope you see some hair soon!!

Luv Deb x

will be patient Thanks Deb for your reply. The fluffy bits that are on my head are very grey unfortunately so I will probably have to try the dye.

Love Anne

Well, as alot of you might remember i finished chemo on Jan 24th and still havent got my hair back !!! it did start afew weeks ago but its now stopped again so looks like permanant after all - theres just nothing happenening.There some hairs there but i still look bald and my onc said she has bnever seen this happen ever before and they want me to see someone to see if theres some treatment for me. I have put it off because i am just enjoying no treatment and if it doesnt return as long as i am cancer free i dont care.

Think it’s coming back! Well there are at last signs of some of my body hair returning. Be just my luck if I get hair back in all the places I don’t particularly want it but not on my head!

Pineapple - have been reading about your hair situation and was really pleased a while ago when you said it looked like it was starting to grow at last. So sorry it seems to have stopped again, but perhaps it’ll just grow in spurts. Applaude your attitude though and of course you are right about what’s really important.

Good luck to everyone on this rollercoaster journey.