Which Boob is it?

Been without my breast for one week now and wearing a softie. Already i see people that know about my surgery looking at my chest trying to work out what boob has gone or even “Has it gone? Did she have surgery?” .Although that’s a good thing they cant tell and im big chested too im starting to feel annoyed with their trying to be descreet wandering eyes!!! LOL. Was even asked today,what breast did they take off cause i cant tell and then dont tell me let me look and try and guess !!! Um excuse me…Anyone with me on this one?

OMG Debs that last comment is awful! I hope you were able to think of a suitabley shaming response.


I had a wle but I also wonder whether people are thinking which side or as you say did she get anything done. Or even, what is the fuss about, it all looks ok. But a padded bra can hide a multitude of sins!


I hope your recovery goes well.



Debs, I used to get people looking at my chest and wondering. After the first time, I just went for the blunt approach and told them not to. Even funnier, now word is out on the grapevine in work that I have secondary breast cancer, I can see people having another look. I’m afraid yesterday I told someone, it’s in my bones, you won’t be able to see it!!

There was a long - and very funny - discussion about this in another forum. Here’s the link; forum.breastcancercare.org.uk/t5/Recovering-from-treatment/How-to-Respond-to-the-quot-Which-Tit-Was-It-quot-Visual/td-p/590723

Some of the suggestions are less polite than others!

My clasic from my boss - well you look ok so we thought you’d be back at work earlier!