Hi Ladies,

Well Ive been searching and cant seem to find a lot of variety in the Bra section, I had a lumpectomy and lymph nodes biopsy, so have scars, and find it very uncomfortable now to wear any bra that has any seems anywhere near those scars.  Have been wearing front fastening sport bras, but would like something a little more feminine, with normal straps, has anybody found a good supplier, also need to be front fastening, as still recovering from frozen shoulder, so cant do back fastening bras up yet.  Any help, would be lovely, wishing you all a great day x

Hi sweetheart

Firstly, I’m so sorry to hear you’ve had such a difficult time with your “frozen” shoulder problems (read a couple of your posts). I’m aware that such, can be a “real pig” to treat. Had I seen your post earlier, I would have suggested trying an Osteopath to treat it. That’s no offence to Physios, but I’ve always found the more “direct” Osteopathy manipulation to/of a joint and muscles often more effective and quicker in obtaining results. I can’t help but think part of your shoulder prob is/may also have been due to “chording” following your surgery.

If you haven’t already, have a look a the “Damart” site, ref front fastening soft but feminine bras. 

Hope any of this is a help to you. Lots of love to you,  Dellypoos xx

Hey there,

 I found AnaOno to be the best bra’s- Started by a women with breast cancer and surgery/recovery issues. I had a partial mastectomy and lymph nodes removed-They are soft, front close,attachments for drains, racerback- super company. They also take some insurance ( i get 4/year). Look them up on internet.

Be well