which cold cap?

Hi! start my first lot of chemo FEC next week and went to see them and asked about the cold cap. They showed me two (one connected to a machine) and one from the freezer. I opted for the one from the freezer and now don’t know if the other was the better one? Anybody any experiences out there please of either of these caps and if they have a chance of working.

Hi there

I used the cold cap connected to the machine for my first FEC. Unfortunately it didn’t work for me.

Good luck with it, I would say definitely give it a go but I’m afraid I don’t know which one is best.

Cecelia. x

Hi Cazzanne

I used the one that plugs in. My understanding is these are the more modern version - and also they have to keep changing the one from the freezer as it thaws. If its going to work its better to be kept at a constant temperature so therefore the plug in one would do that.

Hope that helps and hope it works for you. I will tell you it did not work for me but losing my hair was something I dreaded and at least I know I did everything I could to try to prevent it. I lost a big area of hair from the top of my hair and some from the sides. I could have got off with wearing a pony tail with a hat if I wished but decided to take control and shave the lot off as it was coming out in handfuls.

There are success stories tho so dont let me put you off. apparently its better if you dont wash your hair for 48 hours before and after using and it apparently works better if your hair is well soaked with conditioner by the nurses before it goes on. also make sure it fits properly and is pulled down right on top of yyour head as I have read on here of some women having the ‘friar tuck’ effect i.e. the cap did not fit properly and was not connecting with the top of their head.

Take care and let us know how you get on (p.s. - its not the most pleasant thing to wear either but I was determined to try everything)


I have had 3 FEC and used the cold cap from the freezer, I still have all my hair…it sheds a little bit 3 weeks after each chemo - for about a week, but it is not obvious, just a little thinner. It’s definitely worth a try…but doesn’t seem to work for everyone. I feel very lucky that this is something else not to worry about!
Good luck

I used the machine cold cap and after 4 EC chemos it has only shredded mostley from underneath so not very noticiable, its only thinner on top but with a hair band can not tell. Used loads of conditioner on it and made sure it fit very snug. I am now on Taxotare and have decided to stop the cold cap but that was my personal choice as my veins packed in and have had a central line put in and felt i needed to just get in and out.
good luck with your first chemo it is doable.


I used the freezer cold cap on Monday for the 1st part of my E-CMF, the E part is the bit that makes you loose your hair I have been told. So the E in the FEC bit. I am only 4 days in so haven’t noticed anything yet. One thing I would say if you have a large head you stand a better chance I was told. I have a small head and am convinced it is not going to work, as it did not feel tight enough but I am keeping my fingers crossed. I found it fine to wear and didn’t feel uncomfortable.

Good luck and hope it works for you.

Al xx

I had FEC and was offered the chemocap, the freezer kind. It had to be changed twice during every chemo session. I had my hair cut very short first, and although it was HORRIBLE it worked, with only a bit of thinning. You’ll know very soon whether it has worked so definitely worth a try