Which consultant should I ask 2c @ The Marsden

Hi ladies
just a quickie to ask any of you who have been to the marsden regarding your tnbc diagnosis. I have just been to see my gp who has agreed to refer me for a 2nd opinion regarding my reoccurance (see profile). She asked if there was anyone in particular I would want to see + so I thught I’d do a bit of research so Im sure I get the best poss treatment advice. I’m hoping to maybe get on a trial there too…
Can any of you recommend any1 in particular who specialises in tnbc??
Thanks in advance
tina x

Just read your profile and so sorry you are going through this again. I don’t know who you should see but my close friend is a breast cancer consultant so I will ask her. No promises but it might help. Will pm you the details . Vickie

Hi gingerbud,

I don’t think you can do much better than the Professor at The Marsden. I know the late JaneRA went to him for 2nd opinion and rated him pretty highly.


I transferred to the Marsden in July this year and have seen The Professor - he seems informative and thorough - he arranged further tests to determine and advise on my treatment as I was in a ‘grey area’.

Good luck,
Annette X

Hi Tina,
I am also tn I went to the Marsden for a second opinion regarding follow up appointments and I saw one of the Professors - I read somewhere on one of the forums that he was the top one for breast cancer.


hi i am awaiting an appointment with a Professor at The Marsden, I am coming down from Scotland to see him as my oncologist rates him very highly

Max x

Hi All

Just a reminder Point 4 in The Community Guidelines which asks that medical are not named on the forums - I have slightly edited your posts to remove names of medical professionals.

You are quite welcome to share this information via private message.

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Thanks so much for the replies so far ladies you are a fantastic support!
Vickie thanks for that- any advice would be most welcome. Hope you are doing well x
wendy- thanks alot. Are you triple neg too? I’ll look into ur suggestion as well as SJ x
hi max how are you doing I’ve read a few of your posts + it seems you are having a nightmare time too. Are you triple neg? Seems SJ is a very popular choice x
I’m on my iPhone- pc is broke so can’t scroll back very far to comment on all the relies personally- will come back on later and make notes on the posts before I start replying!!
With ref to JaneRA- I have heard her mentioned lots on this forum- was she triple neg also- seem to remember Reading somewhere that she was. Think I will go for SJ in the light of the posts so far.

I haven’t fully updated my profile since my op but got the pathology results last wk and there was cancer in the fillet of muscle her removed as well as throughout the huge piece of skin. So it’s classed as advanced bc now since it was in my chest wall :frowning: The surgen played it right down but I know this is serious sh*t ! It was removed with clear margins but I’m awaiting MRI scan results after a ct scan picked up a 6-7mm lesion on my liver. Praying for good news- I reckon I sure deserve some…
Please pm me any other suggestions- the moderator has removed previous suggestions + I’ve edited my posts in the light of this. Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks so much - any more info + recommendations welcome!
Back on later xx


I am so sorry your results werent too good. Hope the other tests and scans come back ok.

my friend said she will ask around but asked a few questions. Firstly, do you need a medical oncologist ( ie. for chemo only) or clinical oncologist (chemo and radiotherapy), and have you been offered more surgery?What have you been told about options for treatment so far?

She said she isnt sure if there would be any suitabke trials and that it depends on all the details really.


Thanks vickie- I’ve had surgery to remove all the affected skin + some of the chest wall. I now look like I’ve been bit by a shark :frowning: No further surgery planned as clear margins obtained.
the current plan is rads only but to the whole left side of the chest wall. They are treating it as ‘just’ a local recurrence so at this point don’t want to give me chemo as it could be a waste of a treatment option. Onc said he would rather save that in his back pocket for the future if need be
think all this will change if the MRI indicates liver mets but I’m hoping+ praying this isn’t the case.
I would prob prefer to see an onc who is expert on rads + chemo so they could suggest a full treatment plan.
I just don’t want to look bak with any regrets so think a 2nd opinion is a must…
Thanks again
tina xx

I’m not sure if we are allowed to mention doctors by name but I can say I am under the care of the Sutton branch of the Marsden and am more than happy with my treatment.


My friend said if local recurrence then radio therapy is usually the best treatment option. Will let u know when she has made investigations.

Hi ladies
could you let me know which branch of the marsden professor SJ works at please- just so my doc sends the referal to the right place. I’m hoping to get it sent off tmoro coz want to see him asap!
Mght be best if you pm me?
Thanks again tina x

Hi ladies
could you let me know which branch of the marsden professor SJ works at please- just so my doc sends the referal to the right place. I’m hoping to get it sent off tmoro coz want to see him asap!
Mght be best if you pm me?
Thanks again tina x

Hi tina,

SJ attends both branches. So I would send the info to the one you prefer to attend, either Royal Marsden Sutton or Fulham Road.


Thanks for your help dawn x