Which cream is best during radiotherapy?

Due to be starting rads in a few weeks - what’s the best cream to buy to keep skin healthy, and any supplements anyone can recommend to help with healing ?

Hi Cath - I had my rads in December x15 to chest wall and collar bone following MX (no recon) and ANC in Sept.

I was recommended E45 and it really was brilliant. I applied it 2x a day for first 10 and for the final 5 upped to 3x a day (2nd one directly after treatment). I also went bra less after session 10 and remained that way until the new year! The radiologists keep a very close eye on you and will recommend if they feel you need more or a different cream - remember they see this everyday so they are the best to take advice from. Each of us is different!

Drinking a good 1.5 litres of water a day on top of usual drinks was recommended too!

Good luck with your rads.

E45 worked well for me too. Keep it in the fridge so it’s nice and cool to apply. Good luck with rads xx

Ive been advised about R1 and R2 cream. Moisturising and cooling. Can get from GP

Just wanted to add I am using radiance cream and have almost finished my rads. Just 3 left and only a slight pink tinge to show for 12 sessions. The rad team have commented how good my skin looks. Can highly recommend this cream!!