Which deodorant?

After it’s over, when it’s all died.down, (5 weeks after finishing rads) what deodorant / antiperspirant do you use? My old faithful one is stinging a bit.

Hi Jacey

I have been using Soft and Gentle 0% since finishing treatment without any problems



I have read on lots of breast cancer websites and articles and they recommend to use who which is aluminium free.

Pitrock and Bionsen are readily available in Boots. I am currently using one bought online from Green People a company which makes natural products with no nasty parabens or chemicals. Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

I used Pitrock throughout rads but back on Mitchum roll on and no problem.

You just have to ensure that the roll-on you use is mild but effective. Dove is a great choice. Quite subtle.

I now use sanex roll on and sanex shower gel as they contain zero nasties!!???

I use Tropic deodorant. Absolutely no nasties in it whatsoever xxx