which lady shavers????

I have struggled for ages to find a really good shaver for underarms…I’m finding alot still leave me very sore and sometimes even scratched…even though I adhere to the instructions…can anyone recommend a good one pleeeaasssee???

karen x

HI Karen

I cannot recommend a shaver. But I have been told I can use hair removing cream as long as I test it on other arm for any rash etc. Havent tried it yet but feel it may give a closer finish that electric shavers which I have never found that good.

Hope that helps.

Starfish x

I find I hardly get any hair under the armpit that’s been cleared and I also hardly sweat there. I will admit I use a Venus wet razor every few weeks, but very, very carefully. Since my hair came back I’m finding the problem is with my legs. I only ever used to do them once a week and now it’s alternate days as they are so hairy.

Hi Karen,
ever since finishing treatment I’ve been really careful about what chemicals I take in (mouth, skin anywhere else). I found a really good hair remover which can be used anywhere. It’s sugar based, and contains no chemicals. It’s called NAD, and I got it at Boots. It doesn’t need heating either, it’s just put on, rub the piece of cotton they supply over te area and pull off. No smell, no big clean up after, just wipe your skin with a damp cloth. Best of all, it’s really effective, and has never hurt my skin at all.

Hope this will help

I am the same as Cherub very little if any hair under arm. I just use my ordinary rechargeable razor but I have to get my husband to do it as the sensation makes me feel sick?1

Thanks for your replies ladies.

janneth…I’m going to have a look in my local Boots for NAD and give it a try…my skin seems to react to some products so hopefully this one will be ok.

karen x

can anyone advise how soon after the end of rads u need to be before de-fuzzing? My rads armpit is half bald half fuzzy … am not currently planning to go anywhere near it with a razor or hair removal cream but just how long would I need to wait?