Which reconstruction?

Hi girls, I had a mastectomy in April this year and I’m considering my reconstruction options I have been given three options tummy reconstruction back reconstruction with or expanding implant. What I would really like to find out are your experiences for your own reconstruction. How did it go for you which type of reconstruction did you have are you happy with the results what was your recovery like many many many thanks for all your help



i have had a double deep flap recon and although I had some wound issue one side I would definitely recommend it. The results are very impressive.

it is the gold standard reconstruction however do your research on your plastic surgeon.

my friend had had double ld flap recon and 1 year on is having a lot of problems with it although I am sure a lot of ladies on here will of had good experience.

good luck 


Hello AuntyJulie


Another vote for DIEP reconstruction here although somewhat biased due to lack of choice.  I had a skin sparing mastectomy with temporary implant in May pending a DIEP just four weeks ago.  My recovery has been textbook or dare I say it without jinxing myself, better than.  I am already back driving (having checked both hospital recommendations and insurance).  I am itching to get back on my bicycle/running/playing tennis, etc. and I don’t think I will be able to hold out much longer.  I returned to work about 10 days post op albeit from home and moreover, I have a desk based job on a consultancy basis so I could do as much as I wanted before taking a break.  It was my choice to do so as I felt so well.  I spent the five months between my two ops getting fitter and improving my core muscles.


Whilst it is still early days, I am happy with the results so far.  I always knew that I would need some symmetrising surgery but it looks a far better match than I anticipated.  For me, abdominal flap reconstruction was about my only option. I wasn’t able to have an LD flap due to not having enough flesh - I was borderline for DIEP as it was and an implant was always going to give me even greater symmetry problems.


I hope you manage to resolve your dilemma.  Happy to answer any more questions which you may have.


Ezzie. X

Thank you very much for your input I am trying to get an unbiased view of all of the options available to me and your feedback is really helpful. how big is the diep scar and and how long was it before you were up and running as it were?

I had a muscle sparing TRAM which is similar to DIEP but they use part of your stomach muscle as well. I’ve recovered well, I had the op 10 1/2 weeks ago & feel pretty normal now. I’m not back at work until after Christmas partly because I have 2 kids (9 & nearly 5) & didn’t want to wear myself out for Christmas. I’m loving being around  for them with more energy. I have done some work from home too. Currently decluttering the house!!


I have the hip to hip scar & a scar around my belly button along with my flap. I had a suntan before my op so my flap is browner than the rest of my foob!! 

Thanks girls, I’m leaning more toward the tummy one as thinking at least it’ll be just one op as the implant option is a few ops. I’m feeling worried about losing my belly button however! Have any of you had a nipple constructed?


I am thrilled to hear you have been given options, my sisters and I were not, one of my sisters had an LD flap, had huge back problems, the implants capsulated and they had to be removed, they changed them for enormous implants and her back pain got worse, she was refused the diep on basis she was too slim.  She found a fantastic PS in Belgium he did the diep for her and it is fantastic, I would say diep, if you can geth them to do it, again it is a post code lottery

Thank you mariac x