Which shape for silicone implant

Which shape for silicone implant

Which shape for silicone implant Had last inflation today and been given the 24th September for the silicone implants to be put in (double masectomy with tissue expanders put in) Have been told I now have to wait for 3 months for skin to settle down, but surgeon has worked around my holidays and we have decided on September. My problem now is I have to decide what shape implant I want. They showed me 2 types today a round one (not sure of the technical name) and a teardrop shaped one. Just wondering if any of you ladies on here have had the same type of thing and which shape you went for and are you pleased with your decision.

Thanks slippy

I can’t speak from my own experience, but my friend had tear drop one as it has the appearance of a more natural shape. That natural pear shape that women have where it bells at the bottom. I have seen hers and they look great. I think the round ones sit higher like Victoria Beckam’s.
I am not sure if I will get the choice as am having LD with expander and implant, but if I do I would go for teardrop.

Hope that is some help
Good luck with choosing x

I am being expanded at the moment need a couple more yet !

I too am struggling to decide re implant shape, noone can seem to shed much light on it !

Interested to hear from people who have implants in already.
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I’ve had tear drop shape I think that it’s great that you are being given a choice.

I had teardrop implants and my boobs are fab. A friend of mine who had implants for purely cosmetic reasons opted for the round, and having seen mine has decided that she wants to change them.

Previous posting was pretty accurate. Mine look pert but have a soft outline.

All the best

Mrs S xx

Had a good think over last few days and think I will too be going for teardrop. Thanks for the advice girls.

My surgeon has suggested teardrop, would be interested to actually see the difference…

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Me too. Does anybody know any websites with photos of the 2 types.

I haven’t been able to find any decent pictures. What I have read though is that “sub muscular” means that they would be less round anyway so if you had a round implant they wouldn’t look as “Victoria Beckham” as the edges would be less pronounced…

Not sure if anyone else can help ?

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