which type of conditioner should i use

I am going to start chemo in 2 weeks time. I will be using a Paxman cap, I am sad to say not only am I utterly vain but I have the lovliest hair, in some ways it seems even worse that everyone comments on it. How can I be like this over vanity when I know this is going to get me better. So, being practical my question is can I use spray on/leave in conditioner so that at least when I can’t wash it it doesn’t look too bad. If not can anyone suggest the best brand for effectiveness? Also, are there any creams that anyone suggests for the skin during chemo? I have an amazing wig, just like my hair but the dread of losing my hair seems all encompassing, I can’t even face it thinning as it is so thick at the moment. Sorry to be such a stupid vain self obsessed idiot. Thanks for any help or tips.

Hi, I also used the paxman cc. I contacted them directly through their website with queries, they are very happy to help. paxman-coolers.co.uk/about-us/meet-the-team.asp (I had emails of Kathryn Trescott)
Good Luck. I finished chemo end of July last year and have a chin lenght bob now. Losing the hair is hard and preparing for it is the right thing. I used only very gentle products on my hair and skin. Lots of moisturiser to keep the skin hydrated and suncream, the skin becomes very photosensitive. Good Luck.xx