Which Wig? lol

Hello Ladies

ive googled and googled wigs for the past 6 weeks and just dont know what the best option is - so I thought my best bet was to ask you!

Any recommendations or views welcome, im totally miffed by what might be better


I was given a leaflet by my Breast Care Nurse for a local hairdressers that also did discrete wig fitting service. I went and tried on a few and they helped me to choose. I got a prescription from the hospital that covered all costs and I have had a lot of compliments from people who had no idea that it was a wig! I wear my wig every day, some people prefer scarves - in my opinion they just scream “I’m having chemo”

the BCN arranged an appointment for me with a lady who goes to the hospital with a selection of wigs for patients to try. i’ve also been give a leaflet of my local new hair salon (trevor sorbie) who style wigs (i’ve not actually worn my wig, cold cap is working for me at the moment)

Gill x


I couldn’t find a wig I liked at my most local wig shop, all of them were a bit bouffant (as if you had just had it styled rather than everyday hair) found better selection at a shop linked with the Trevor Sorbie website mynewhair.org (they list all shops which have had training with them) which I was happy with and they were trained to trim wig to individual customer.

I do have two of different lengths so am a walking talking Tressie doll, you will have to be a certain age to know how naff Tressie dolls were.

Initially I felt that everyone must know it was a wig when I went out but persevere and you really do forget it is not your own hair, to the point I have melted mine slightly opening up the oven door and nearly had a public bald moment trying on hats.

Good luck xxx

Wills wigs are very good but they are based in bromsgrove Worcestershire xx

ive been referred by my hospital to the salon in the hospital but she told me the nhs only pay £53 towards it? im not particularly bothered about forking out myself as i quite like wigs and have about 6 that used to come out regularly on girly nights in and out - i love them. But they arent soft on the inside and doubt they will be suitable for a tender head.
The salon rang me earlier and made me an appointment for tomorrow morning but im sure i could get one cheaper online - the problem is i want to make sure it fits properly as i dont want it to blow off in the wind! ive seen they seem to be different sizes…so the plan is to get measured or whetever the nhs salon place will do, then look online :slight_smile:
Surely there must be an online sale somewhere out there!



If you google ‘Noriko wigs’ plenty of on-line wig shops can be found, I have had 3, they are in a huge range of colours and styles, they have a rubbery bit at the front, which almost ‘sticks’ comfortably to your forehead and there are adjustable bits on the back - I went out in mine Today (it is blowing a gale here and it was nice and secure, a little ruffled though!)

I didn’t buy mine this way but looked for examples before going to a wig store. When i first lost my hair 5 years ago, I bought one from a disappointing hospital wig service - only a few examples and choosing from a catalogue not trying on! I bought another from a specialist wig shop and the service was fantastic, for nearly an hour I tried on so many wigs in all colour ranges and lengths and felt supported in my choice, she also cut and styled the fringe to suit me. (Topknots in West Kirby)

I have lost my hair again and have completely changed my image and colour and I actually like it better than my old hair.

One frustrating thing is cost - it sounds like a postcode lottery again!! I asked my breast care nurse for a prescription and it was £80 worth, but I was then given a prescription from the local oncology centre and this was for £150 (obviously I used this) The wig I chose should have been £170 I was expecting to pay the difference, but the hospital had a list of wig codes and mine was on it and the voucher still covered it. So if you are being treated at a local hospital see if you can get a better deal at your nearest oncology centre.

Good Luck, it is such a big deal. Take your time and find something you are really happy with hopefully with a decent prescription.

HI I used a hairdresser I found on mynewhair.org.uk

She ordered soem wigs for me to try. They came really quickly.My hairdresser then came to my home and cut the wig to suit me. I had a bob which seems to suit a lot of people. The wig cost about £70, but it made me feel like me again. Everyone commented on my hair and could not believe it was a wig. I also bought from the same hairdresser a second wig, which was highlighted in lovely colours.

Hope you find a solution. All of the hairdressers listed have been trained by Trevor Sorbie. Take care x

I went through the same process Supertrouper has described above. There were a lot to choose from the various catalogues which were covered by the NHS. I ended up with a superb one and several people genuinely couldn’t tell I’d lost my hair.

I took a couple of girlfriends with me to make the final choice - we had such a laugh (sorely needed as final fitting ended up being a couple of days after my first chemo).

BTW Supertrouper, I agree, scarves do shout “I’m having chemo” which is why I avoided them (apart from one occasion when I wanted to look as pathetic as possible in order to get past the dragon who passes as the receptionist at my GP Surgery, lol). Fully understand some people prefer scarves, just not for me.

Best of luck.

Hi all,

If any of you are interested I have put for you below the link to BCC’s Headstrong service which I hope you find helpful.


Best wishes,
Jo, Facilitator

Hi everyone,
Although I now have a full head of hair, I recently bought
a replacement wig for the one bought when I first started chemo (if worn daily, they usually last 6 - 9 months) because I love it. It’s a Renee of Paris Amore wig, bought at Trendco in London (they also do mailorder). It has a mesh base and plastic, flesh coloured scalp part, so partings look completely natural. You can part it wherever you want, so can change the style; it’s withstood many high winds and gales and is so comfortable I forget I’m wearing it. It looks so natural, I’ve had many compliments on my new hair style and people are genuinely astonished when I tell them it’s a wig. As I’m treated privately I don’t get an NHS voucher but do get VAT removed, which took the price down to about £152.
I don’t have any connection with Trendco, by the way, but I’ve heard so many people say they can’t get on with their wigs because they’re too hot, itchy or uncomfortable, that I want to spread the word, so sorry for the ramble!

Love loula

I too have a Rene of Paris and mine is called Audrey! Audrey and I have a good relationship and through wind and rain we have made it through difficult times. I was very paranoid at first wearing her, concerned she would slip back or I’d be chasing her down the road but all good.

I tried the cold cap but unfortunately it didn’t work for me. I thought I would be a scarf person but they didn’t suit me. I had my hair cut into a similar style before I lost my hair.

The best thing about Audrey is that when I wash her I pop her in the airing cupboard and in the morning there she is ready to go. Underneath Audrey I have a gollum look going on but my hair is starting to sprout. I’m actually starting to think I shall miss her when she is no longer required.

I brought my wig via a shop and used my NHS voucher to buy sleep hats, wig shampoo and other bits and bobs. I was tempted to by an Elvis special but glad I settled for Audrey LOL!


from what I can work out, MONOFILAMENT is the more natural look…am i right?
does anyone know if the raquel welch are any good? Im hoping to buy one in the sale and then get my hairdresser to work her magic - is this possible does anyone know?


Hi again,
Yes, mine is a monofilament one and hand as opposed to machine knotted, which allows you to change the parting. Mine is called Dylan (I think the Amore is just the name of a type of wig) and I can endorse everything twinkletwinkle has said, which is why I’m still wearing it. It’s much better than my own hair and so easy to manage - no more blowdrying, straightening and bad hair days!

Love loula

Back again. I had the sides of my wig trimmed a little by my hairdresser, although it was already styled. She had already told me she’d learned wigcutting as part of her training. You can buy a wig and have it styled by a hairdresser but they need to have been trained - apparently the cutting method is the opposite of cutting real hair. If you look on Trevor Sorbie’s charity website - mynewhair -you can find hairdressers who have been on his training courses. Many Toni and Guy studios have trained stylists. Trevor Sorbie will style wigs for free at his London or Brighton studios but there were long waiting lists when I enquired and when I saw the number of styles offered at Trendco,I preferred to buy one I’d tried on and knew looked good.
Hope all this helps.

Love loula

I love my wig, the hosp sorted it out for me & it was free.She also cut the fringe but if u do need it cut she said not to use normal scissors but get a hairdresser to do it. I bought loads of scarves before chemo & haven’t worn any of them. I don’t want to look like im having chemo & feel more like my normal self in a wig. Its great & looks really natural. I wear it all day everyday until i go to bed. Im gonna miss it when my hair grows, it does actually look a lot better than my real hair did,lol. And having a shower is so quick now, 2 mins & im done.

thankyou for your advice ladies x

looks like monofilament is the way forward then

Anyone know if raquel welch range is any good? im only asking as ive found one online in the sale, pmsl, and i dont want to spend a fortune as i rather fancy having a few! I do like a wig :slight_smile:

Hi, mine are monofilament also by Amore, I have got Erica and Codi and I love them both.

I tried to order a Raquel Welch classic cut wig but it was out of stock, I found the Amore Erica was almost exactly the same but has more colour choices.

I am glad I tried mine on before buying as the original one I wanted looked bad when I tried it on. I would only order online if you can return it if it is no good.

Kate xx

Ps: I am wearing Erica in my picture.


Well i went to the little hairdressers shop in the hospital today and really why did i bother? lol
barely anything worth me trying on, would of been great if i was about 70!
so ive been v v brave( or tremendously silly), and just gone for it online! it was raquel welch but clearance, from 220 to 59 quid, so if im not keen i can get the hardresser to tweak it and if its still not great perhaps i can chuck my baker boy hat on over it, lol.
Id quite like 2 or 3 anyway, although not sure what yet. The lady in the shop suggested I check out a shop in lakeside, thurrock so will give that a go sometime before treatment starts.
Bigbird kate, id not of known you were wearing a wig! how cool is that
oh, and its non returnable but i have some " play" wigs, so it can just go in the bag with them for drunken girly nights in the future , if its awful! :slight_smile:


The things we need to ask lol

We are quite lucky in our area…there is a mobile wig maker who comes and fits your wig there are lots to choose from and her partner is a hairdresser so puts the final touches on the wig for you, this is all on the NHS can you believe it?

would not know where to start otherwise

Happy hunting x x