Hi Everyone. My name is Amanda. I was diagnosed with breast cancer on 15th December, had my timetable of appointments on 23rd December, had the tumour removed and had sentinel lymph node biopsy on 12th January. I was advised that the cancer had not spread at the end of January. My radiotherapy lasted 5 days and ended on 21st February (no chemo). I felt fine until last Saturday 25th February when I felt hit by a ten ton truck! Pain, and fatigue has taken me over. My question is, does anyone know how long this will last before it gets better? Any comments would be gratefully received.

Thank you.

Hi Amanda , welcome to the forum . I had the 3 week radiotherapy but Im presuming it’s similar .I was told the side effects of radiotherapy peak 2 weeks after treatment finishes so they actually get worse initially. My skin continued to breakdown and I was exhausted for about 3 weeks after finishing then I gradually started to feel better .Drink lots of water as a lot of the fatigue is connected to dehydration . Hope you feel better soon . You could also post this in the radiotherapy section of the forum . Jill x