Hi Everyone. My name is Amanda. I was diagnosed with breast cancer on 15th December, had my timetable of appointments on 23rd December, had the tumour removed and had sentinel lymph node biopsy on 12th January. I was advised that the cancer had not spread at the end of January. My radiotherapy lasted 5 days and ended on 21st February (no chemo). I felt fine until last Saturday 25th February when I felt hit by a ten ton truck! Pain, and fatigue has taken me over. My question is, does anyone know how long this will last before it gets better? Any comments would be gratefully received.

Thank you.

Hiyer Amanda,

I’m unsure from your post what the pain refers to - all over your body or in the breast area?. Did you just have 5 radiotherapy sessions ?? (or was it 15?)

Exhaustion during and following rt is common, but lets be honest it has been 2 months of all out hard going for you - in terms of all that diagnosis entails with emotional difficulties and surgery and this and that, back and forth here and there to appointments, dealing with the situation and people around you. The calm after the storm can feel as if you are drained, and this could be a combination of things going on here, rt, general post-diagnosis fatigue and - have you started a hormone/oestrogen modulator medication ?

Here is a link to some information about side effects of rt, which mentions the fatigue -


And another link for you about causes of extreme fatigue following treatments and the psychological impact of the diagnosis -


I want to give you a chance to reply, as I’ve asked a few questions   Then will come back and check…

How long will it last - thats hard to say - I would say that I had a few weeks of feeling like you do now. Some have longer, some have less. You need to look after yourself, see ‘tips for managing fatigue’ on the second link, and slowly slowly you will improve. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Amanda, I have just joined the forum and seen your post.  I was also diagnosed on the 15/12/21 with lumpectomies (both sides) and lymph nodes on 14/1/22.  I finished 5 days of RT a couple of weeks ago and feel wiped out, but making myself walk every day.  Hope you are starting to feel better now x