white count

Just wondering if someone had a similar experience…
I just got some blood work done, nearly one year post chemo, surgery and radiation. It is my regular three month check up. My white counts were low. My appointment before this showed my white counts in a normal range. Has this happened to anyone. Thanks.

Hi Llmac

I’m 14 weeks out of chemo now and when I had my operation on 21st Nov all my bloods were fine (thanks to the neulasta injection). Then I had my herceptin 3 weeks later (when I’m assuming all was ok) and on 2nd Jan my next lot of herceptin. I got a call a week later saying my white count was low and they wanted to retest it which they did and it’s still low. I’ve had more blood tests and it remains very low and yesterday was only 0.4. I had a bone marrow biopsy last week and still waiting for some of the results back.

Are you on any other medications at all? What is your white blood count?

Ruby x