White headed pimple on scar

Hi everyone… had to go back to see my BC nurse and surgeon today as a small, white headed, puss filled pimple appeared on my mastectomy scar. He reassured mr that it was just where one of the stitches got stuck under the skin, and he gave me some anti biotics as precaution.
I then spoke to him about how down I’ve been feeling of late and can’t seem to move forward. He replied that even though I’ve had low risk onco, that nothing is 100 percent and anything can happen to anyone at any time… .He told me to enjoy the time i have.
Even though i know all of this…i walked out hospital deeply saddened…i need to get my head around this strange life i have now x
Rachael x

Hi Rachy

We know how difficult it can be for people to move on after treatment for breast cancer.  This is why we have created a range of courses called Moving Forward.  One of our fabulous team will pop on here soon and post details for you.

In the meantime, please do continue to reach out, there are lots of users here who understand how you are feeling as they have been there themselves.

Best wishes
Digital Community Officer

Hi Rachy,


Well, there’s a consultant being blunt and rather succinct, and not seeming much help in any kind of sympathetic advice! Even if it were to just suggest who better and more informed for you to have a chat to. Your BCN?? to give you ANY available info on what support is available to you. I attended a regular weelky support group of fellow BC women after both my masts, but they all tended to be much older than me, mostly retired. But it was 11 yrs ago now. I know some are younger and very strong surviving groups, but some not and fold. 

Do you have a wide family/friend support network for close, immediate support, should you need

I’m aware you’ve other probs from another of your threads, with a partner who also seems somewhat lacking. 

So many people on here have raved about the Moving Forward Courses. Not just because they’re full of helpful coping material and advice, but also because they’re a fantastic opportunity to meet other fellow BC women in the flesh (as oppo to through the ether), personally chat and exchange with and get to know on a more friendly personal basis. And hopefully living in the same area as yourself.

Chat to other women while you’re waiting for your appointments at the breast unit, exchange experiences. Lokk for any sources of contacts on the poster boards (I’m sure you’ve done that) You could also ask your team or BCN for counselling. Seems to very much depend on area funding. If no joy with your Onco team (which I’d be extremely surprised and a bit shocked at), I’d get myself to my GP to ask for counselling there.


I’m sure many others who’ve been in a similar situ, will pop on sometime soon. Hope your team stand you good, sweetheart.

Much love to you

Delly xxxx

Hi Delly…yes his comment made me feel worse!.
I’ve tried put it behind me today and have climbed a mountain at the Lake District…just need to climb the mountain in my head now…Anxiety! Xx

Hi everyone, my name is Emma from the Services Support Team.


Just adding a quick post to let you know that we run Moving Forward Courses at various locations across the UK. 


Moving Forward courses are run in partnership with NHS hospitals. Looking at the issues you may face after treatment, they provide information, support and professional guidance on how to cope with and adjust to life after your breast cancer diagnosis. The courses are for clients who have completed or will shortly complete their hospital based treatment, i.e. chemotherapy/radiotherapy.


For more information about the courses please see here breastcancercare.org.uk/information-support/support-you/local-support/moving-forward-after-breast-cancer-treatment or call the Services Support Team on 0345 077 1893.



Hi Ladies

I attended a Moving Forward Course in May this year, for me it was a really good experience, we have all sat in clinics etc and chatted to other ladies but this was the first time that I had actually sat in a room and spoken at length to others who just got where I was coming from, to have someone else say " I know " and mean it was amazing, 


The whole course is very informal and I never felt uncomfortable with any part of it, we had speakers covering all sorts of topics with lots of good information and helpful tips, there was lots of laughter and yes a few tears but so worth it, I made a friends  and we meet for coffee or lunch and support each other as we continue to move on. I am so grateful that I was given the oppotunity to go


Mary xx

Hi Mary…thsnkyou for that… I actually attended 2 sessions out of 4, at Wythenshaw hosp…but it was just too far for me to continue… (there wasn’t one local to me.)
Yes, I agree…they are very good x

Maryminder - how lovely that is to hear, that you’ve made friends through an unfortunate experience. Part of what these courses are about.

Rachy - Perhaps it’s an area of the country BCC could address.

Much love to everyone

Delly xxxxx