Who am I to moan!

I am lucky in the fact that I have not had chemo and noy lost my hair. Just lumpectomy, lymph nodes and Rads.
Being (a very young) 60, have been colouring my hair Red for a year now and I love it ( bit of a Sharon Osbourne colour). It was about 3-4 inches belos my shoulders and I needed a cut. I couldn’t face the salon so booked a mobile hairdresser today. I told her I wanted some shape around my face and long layers.
I think she must have had a hearing problem as she has cut it sooooo short and litlle layers and I hate it. I have mailed my friends and phoned my OH and ranted and raved. When I look in the mirror I could cry.
About 20 minutes ago I thought what the hell am I moaning about. A lot of girls on the web have lost ALL their hair through no fault of their own and I am whinging about this. It sudden;y brought it all into perspective and on behalf of myself I want to apologise to your girls for being such a selfish, vain wimp.
I consider myself well chastised!

Norma x

Hiya Norma

You moan away my love. When I lost my hair through chemo I vowed never to complain about a bad hair day again. Well guess what, my hair is now about 2 inches long, slightly curly and I’ve done nothing but moan for the last 2 weeks! I know you’re not supposed to colour it for at least 6 months, but I thought, sod it, I’m not having black/grey curly hair and looking like Bobby Ball, so I had it coloured and the colour is fab it’s just the lack of fringe that’s pi***ing me off. Our hair is our crowning glory and if it’s not right, it’s not right, simple as that. So don’t feel guilty, I would be exactly the same - shallow aren’t we lol.

Love Julie xxx

Thanks Julie

A woman’s crowning glory and all that is right. Good for you with the colour, am sure the fringe will soon grow. I have tried so may times to grow mine our but have had a fringe since I was about 3 and it’s hard to change.
Don’t feel so bad now about my selfish thoughts.

Love Norma xx


Dont think you are being selfish at all!!! If you hadnt typed that we would never have known anyway!!! You got a cut that you didnt like and thats that - yes some of us have enforced baldness but am sure as much as we think we will never moan about our hair again - like Julie says - I bet we all will!!

Take care

Norma - You’ve still been through a lot - so you’ve got every right to be angry about a bad hair cut. This site is just the place for off loading about anything! I’ve found myself moaning about friends I don’t think have been in touch enough, friends who turn up unannounced, friends who text too much, and then I pull myself up and think - they all care - be grateful!
Julie - you did make me laugh, I have an image of Bobby Ball now - and I read on another thread about excess facial hair after chemo so I hope you’re not sporting his moustache too!
I’m nearly half way through chemo - hair gone, but hanging on to eyebrows and eyelashes. I won’t wear mascara in case any eyelashes fall out when I’m taking it off!
At 42 I was so pleased that I had no grey hair - I just know what colour it will come back …

Hi Girls

Thanks for the posts ,you have made me laugh and feel so much better.
Let me just tell you the rest of the story.
After the girl had finished cutting I was able to then go and look in a mirror- first initial shock!. She asked me if I wanted her to blow dry it and I thought blow dry what! As soon as she had gone I dashed upstairs and switched on my heated rollers. By this time my hair was dry so I moussed it and stuck the rollers in. Big mistake that was. From looking like Joan of Arc I now looked like Joan Crwaford in one of thos 50’s films. For the next hour I was frantically trying to straighten it out before Oh came home. He came through the door and jokingly said “Dare I look?”
I jumped out in from of him and asked him what he thought. " Yes it looks nice" he said. NICE,NICE?? I don’t want nice, thats a sort of cop out phrase to me.
This morning after breakfast I said to him " You don’t like my hair do you?" He said he did and I told you that last night. Yes but you haven’t told me this morning I quivered.
Anyway just been and washed it again and have 2 hours to work on it as I am going to my workplace today and will have to see everbody aaaagggghhhhhh!!!
Well it’s only a funny story but it’s helped to get it our my system.
Hang on to thos precious eyelashes Misty, and I hope that all of you who have lost your hair will regain your crowning glory soon. You deserve it.

Norma XXX

Maybe should have posted this on ‘Chit-Chat’. Wasn’t thinking straight.

Oh Norma,

I have read this thread after my wobbly, you really have cheers me up! I am laughing out loud at your misfortune, sorry!.

I bet your hair does suit you though. I have kept my hair really short since regrowth and I think short hair is trendy particularly when dyed, well with the exception of Mrs Slocum purple, if you know who I mean.


Oh Norma
Your an absolute gem girl, why dont ya write for a comedy column. Honestly your such a breath of fresh air and i laughed and laughed at your postings.
I just love people who make me laugh fortunately i have a friend who is just like that.

Hows ya hair?? Dare i ask!


Well R

It ain’t grown a great deal yet!
Went to see the girls at work yesterday after an hour of teasing ,spraying, back-combing, just about anything to make it look longer. They seemed to like it well at least they said so. I still look like Joan of Arc when I get up cos where I lie on my back in bed, it just flattens the crown so my head looks a funny shape from the side ( yes I’ve looked). Might have to invest in a packet of hairgrips. Do they still exist?
Oh yes, have been and bought some hair-wax this morning but having a bl**dy clue what to do with it. Do you rub it in, tweak the ends or what. Probably end up looking like one olf those old 'Brylcreem’ads.
Any tips would be appreciated.


Norma x

Hi Norma

You cheer us all up! That is such a wonderful story. You should turn professional with your writing. Can’t help with the hair wax - wouldn’t know where to start I am afriad.

Lots of love and thanks for the laughter


Hair Waxing Instruction

  1. get about a teaspoon full of wax, depending on how waxed you want it.
    2)Rub it into your hands to warm it.
  2. Put it all over your hair.
  3. Then style it with your fingers how you want it.

I dont like too much wax, my friend uses loads and her hair is like cardboard but she manages to spike hers mine just goes wavy no matter how hard i try to spike it.

Keep us update Norm

Will do, and thanks for the Waxing Tips- will have a go today-!!!

Norma XX