Whole Brain Radiotherapy and Hair Loss

Hi There,
I finished a 5 day course of whole brain radiotherapy just over a week ago now(and it wasn’t as bad as i thought it ws going to be). I was told beforehand that i would defo lose my hair but so far it is well and truly in tact. I was wondering if anyone knew of anyone who has had same treatment and not lost thier hair. I have asked BC nurse,Onc etc but no one seems to be able to tell me. I have been and got a wig just in case!
Any info or experiences with WBR would be greatly received or if I can help anyone with my experience then just let me know.
Lots of Love

Dear karen

I had 10 sessions of WBR and sadly lost my hair. From memory I finished treatment on a Tuesday and my hair was coming out by Friday. It does grow back and a couple of months after treatment was when I was so tired sometimes sleeping most of the day and night. I hope you see some good results, take care Gemini x

Hi Karen

I had 10 sessions of WBR and lost all of my hair a few days after my last treatment. My last treatment was 6 May 2010 and it has only recently begun to grow back, I now have a thin covering of baby type hair.

However, I do think the hormone treatment, Femera, slows down the return of my hair. This is the 3rd time I’ve lost my hair and each time it has got a bit slower to return.

Hope this helps
Paula X

Thanks sooooo much for the replys. Just got back from spending my 37th birthday in the Lakes and guess what - Hair started to fall out on my actual birthday!!! Hey Ho!! Wig shopping for me tommorrow.
And thanks again for your kind replys.
Lots of love…
Karen xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi karen

My name is margaret i too have just undergone whole brain radio after
having a tumor removed 4 weeks ago i under went 2 weeks and finished radio on friday 1st october my hair started coming out on my second week of radio I had a wig made in september last year when i lost my hair 1st time round with chemo never thinking i would need it again! lol.

But here i am losing it again!! Hope u have found a wig that u can get on with and best wishes for the future.