Whole brain radiotherapy treatment.

Morning, has anyone had whole brain radiotherapy who can maybe give me a little advice. I had 10 sessions the last one being on 29th September. I am still struggling with extreme fatigue, blurred eyesight, fuzzy head and just don’t feel like I am functioning at all. I am starting to worry that it isn’t side effects now and actual symptoms from the brain mets so just wondering if anyone can say if this all sounds normal. I was due to start Capecitabine chemo today for lung/nodes/liver (almost full house!) but oncologist put on hold until I feel better as luckily there was no change here since diagnosis scan in August. I have 2 children to care for and finding it all too much at the moment mentally as well as physically and hate the pressure I am putting on my husband.

Hi judimam

So sorry that you find yourself here in the secondaries part of the forum and dealing with the after effects of the WBR. I don’t have experience of that type of radiotherapy myself but in the past I did meet a couple of ladies who had had it done. It seems that the steroids play a big part in causing the fuzziness in the head but are needed, I understand, to help with the swelling and after effects of the radiotherapy. It is good that the other mets are stable which must be a bit of a relief as you can’t start Capecitabine just yet. Is it worth asking your oncologist for a brain scan/MRI to see if the mets have shrunk and are not the cause of the problems you are having? That way you would know if it’s the medication or not.

Sorry you are struggling though and that I can’t give any more advice, someone else may be able to but I know there aren’t many ladies on here who have had WBR.

Take care

Nicky X 

Hi judiman, i’m sorry i have no experience of your treatment bt just wanted to say hello and welcome. I really feel for you having those symptoms and having to look after children. Can only re-iterate Nicky’s idea of a scan to find out what is happening. It is good that you have treatment plans in the pipeline and i’m sure someone will be along to help you soon. Cyber hugs ((( ))) x