Why am I feeling down?

On Monday I was told by my onc that I couldn’t have any more herceptin as my heart had been affected. I came as a real shock to me, but the onc reassured me that the heart problem should be reversable and as I have had half of herceptin there is very little difference in the survival rates.

During chemo and rads I coped really well. My GP has been seeing me every 2 or 3 months since diagnosis to make sure I am coping ok. When I saw him a few weeks ago he was really pleased with me and says he only wants to see me now if I have a problem.

So why do I feel down? I have either been crying or wanting to cry most of the time since Monday. I am having problems sleeping and have come home from work early today.

Any advise welcome

Sorry, You’re feeling down Caroline. Not surprising really - you’ve come to the end of a long road of unpleasant treatment with all sorts of physical and emotional side effects and now you’ve been kind of cast adrift from regular treatment. Apparently it is very common to feel like this. There is a thread somewhere about it.

I should ring your BCN and see if she can recommend where you can get some counselling to help with the next bit of the rocky road. I know this has helped others. Alternatively you could see your GP - he sounds very supportive - and he left the door open for if/when you have a problem.

Good luck. Hope you get some help soon. Big hugs. Stella

Me again, thread is ‘Thought I would feel great’ under’After Treatment has finished’. Currently on page 2 of latest posts. stella

Thanks Stella. I will go and have a look at the thread.