Why Am I So Tired?

Ive only had one chemo FEC and my 2nd one is due Wednesday coming. But im so constanly tired…not so much in my body - but my eyes - they always seem heavy like if I shut them i will fall asleep and I fight it all day as I refuse to be bed ridden.

About a week after my first chemo I did have severe tiredness and was in bed resting (not really sleeping…just flat out) for about 3 days…but surely a few days before my next chemo, shouldn’t I be recovered some what?

I had no other chemo side effects other than tiredness and a bit of dizziness. No vomiting, nausea etc

Hi Libralady,

I’m due my 4th FEC on Monday and have never has the wonderful, feel great week 3 that others have! I have good days but they are odd days not a weeks worth!!

Don’t fight it - if your body is tired just go with it - some times it’s your body’s way of coping. Make sure that you take a diary of your SEs with you when you see your ONC, that way they can either give advice or drugs as required.

Good luck next week - may your SEs be small!



I had the same thing during FEC I was awake in the mornings but it was a real effort to open my eyes they felt so heavy. I just listened to my body and when I felt tired I just rested . God luck with the rest of your treatment
Cackles xx