Why are nipples removed?

I found the removal of my nipple was not fully discussed pre op.
I had a DIEP.
Why is the nipple always removed?
They did try to give me a reconstructive one but due to complications it fell off.
I have had 3D tattooing done ( at my own cost) and this does help with appearance.

Your story is interesting… and great to hear you are pleased with your tattoo.

From what I understand, the nipple is removed if there is any risk of cancer associated with it. Also I was told that in larger breasted ladies, the chance of the nipple surviving after reconstruction was less likely due to the blood supply having to travel further.

I had a skin sparing mastectomy and my nipple was removed in June this year. I’ve just gone through a surgical nipple reconstruction and waiting to see if it’ll take - I’m also due to have a tattoo once it’s settled. I have a honey dressing on it currently.

How long ago was your procedure?

Any tips following surgical nipple reconstruction?


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Hope it all goes well for you. Sad that my new nipple didn’t survive but my op didn’t go to plan and clearly the blood supply was affected…
I had tattoos done a year after my op. Was pleased but they faded so I have recently had a new 3D one done … I am having it completed next week. It really makes a difference to my self confidence. I have found a wonderful beauty therapist who specialises in 3D nipples in lavenham in Suffolk. The procedure does not hurt … few nerves on new boob and the use of emla helps. Do your research as there are so many therapists popping up who offer tattoos. Heather

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