Why did you choose your user name?

I was lying in bed last night, and you know you think of rubbish in the silly hours and I was wondering why people had chosen there username. There are some really good but wacky names on here and I am a nosey lady lol

Mine is because my name is Julie and everyone calls me Jules and i was born in 1964.

Why did you choose yours?

Mine is really unimaginative but I was in such a state when I joined up I just used the obvious. Much calmer now thanks to this wonderful site. Hugs to everyone who contributes.

likewise mine is my name and where I live

I love cornwall debs, and whenever I see your name, beautiful images spring to mind. xx

Mine not very imaginative.

My name is Denise but Deni to my family and my one Niece calls me Denio so picked that

Mine is my name and part of my surname.I didn’t realise when joining that I could choose a wackier name,wish I had.

I am with you on that one mary, mind you if i look at your name quickly I see maryfrog lol which always makes me smile lol

I’m Susie and I live at Westside…WestsideSue!! Very unimaginative!

Mine is the name of our dinghy - a Wayfarer cos I love to sail. Have had 2 sails in the last few weeks tho which was great after recovering from ANC surgery. :slight_smile:

I’m Jan !


Mine is the same as my name on a canoe forum - less to remember. It is also a town (!) in the western desert in Egypt, 600km south of Cairo and 200kn west of Luxor, where I have spent 3 archaeology seasons surveying 2nd century roman forts

My user name is the first three letters from my two youngest sons james and evan = jameva


I am Hungarian born and my Hungarian name Judit has another version - Judka. My friends all call me Judy

mine is my name and I thought 666 might be showing people my true identity (hehe) so had 999 instead,…


Mine is an old & much loved pet ( sadly passed away)


Mine is my name and the year I was born in…even tho I feel like I am 67 now…

Its my name, when I joined up fpr this malarky I was trying to take it all very seriously. Now I realise that we have to be cheerful when we can. I may emerge with a new i.d. at some point. Something a bit cool and trendy.

Mine is my mums late mums name,just wanted her with me at this time she was a gem

Daughter and friends all call me Chebsy and it is sticking more and more now with my friends and family Sounds gentler and softer than -Cheryl - 13 is cos birthday is on 13th and I feel it’s my lucky no - wonder if I should have been Chebs in Cornwall - accurate and would rhyme with Debs!