Why do I go into meltdown ?

Hi all,


Today I have had to visit the bc clinic after my gp referred me with slight redness (3cm x3cm circle) over my scar area. If this had been anywhere else on my body I wouldn’t have batted an eyelid. 


However, I thought that for peace of mind it out to be looked at (I had also noticed an enlarged tender axillary node too, but that disappeared quickly). Also a lump which turned out to be ? cartilege.


Immediately I convinced myself that it would be the worst outcome and now I have been reassured that it seems ok (doing a scan in 2 weeks time) I now feel really silly for overreacting and think I have wasted everyone’s time! 


I am 10 years down the line with a few hiccups along the way, but just cant stop myself having a complete meltdown every time I find something, and then feel so bad for wasting everyone’s time when it fortunately turns out ok. 

 I wish I didn’t get like this and would be grateful to hear if anyone has any suggestions or techniques for dealing with these situations. I really shouldn’t be doing this anymore xx




I am 10 years down the line and

hi happyshopper, well I am in the middle of it all at the moment.  I can understand exactly where you are coming from.  I would imagine I will be the same, any slight change and you will expect the worse.  Cant advise you how to cope with it cos I am not there yet.  But dont beat yourself up, you are only human and at least your outcomes have been great.  Worth a worry and bothering people in the long run.  Take Care Val xxxx

Hi Happy Shopper

I believe we have similar backgrounds re dx and Osteoporosis round about the same time

I think the fear is always there to a degree and when something unusual happens you automatically mistrust your body

I developed back pain earlier this year and whilst I didn’t exactly have a meltdown my GP knew that I wanted the re assurance of a bone scan after the Xray was OK and he fully understood why


So you are not over reacting or wasting anyone’s time and you did the right thing getting your symptoms checked out.

I’m glad it seems ok and you should be able to relax again but please don’t beat yourself up over your reaction.


Take care



I did a similar thing when a mole changed shape and colour while I was having radiotherapy. To be fair everyone was fabulous. From the nurse who referred me to the consultant who did a biopsy but I did feel silly when it all came back okay. I felt like I’d over reacted too. I think it’s to be expected and to be honest for every little twinge or ache that I am mentioning to my husband, I’m having others in between that I’m not telling him about. I think we shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves. We’ve had a life changing experience. Whether it is 10 years later or 2 weeks later. I think having you lovely lot on here is a huge help because you can instantly see that it’s normal and someone somewhere knows exactly how you feel. I wish you well now and always x