why do I keep feeling so low

I had a WLE and SNB on the 5th of December and got my results on the 18th December which were good clear margins and nodes clear. I have just started taking Tamoxifen .I was taking Fluxotine anti depressants but had to change to Citalopram 10mg as Fluxotine and Tamoxifen dont work well. I dont know what to do as when I got my results as was elated at the good news.  I  now feel at times in pits of despair.I am going for my radiotherapy planning tomorrow have been told probably start week after. I know I just want to get treatment over and get back to normality.But will I ever feel normal.

Love and Best wishes to all you lovely ladies xxxx

Hi Lizzy You may feel better once radiotherapy starts. I felt very low between surgery and rads beginning. After a couple of weeks I began to feel better about the whole thing and was looking forward to the end of my treatment. Started tamoxifen after rads as my onc didn’t prescribe before. Tamoxifen can cause low mood as well. Try not to be too hard on yourself you have been through a devastating time with lots of uncertainties you will get there. Xxx

Hi Lizzy,
I am now a year since all my surgery and treatment, exactly like yours, I too had good news just before Christmas from my first mammogram, being all clear. But in my early days this time last year, I was always in tears, not really believing what was happening to me. I promise you will feel stronger, this is such a shocking thing to go through, just take each day as it comes, I am now feeling at last, like my old self. Take care and listen to the experts. Xx

Hi Lizzy, hope every thing is going well with your radiotherapy and you won’t end up to sore. Take all the advice given because it will all help. Going back to work will make you feel like you are getting control again, I only had a month off after surgery and had my radiotherapy every day after work, which was very tiring, but it’s what I chose. I love my job and the girls I work with. Take care Jane x

Hi Lizzy,

I too had a WLE and SNB on the 9th Dec 2013. I also got my results on the 18th and they where good. I have real up and down days, depends on who I am with at times. I have this one person who seems to want to belittle my cancer (they had bladder cancer in Aug 13). She keeps on telling me that I have not got cancer anymore. The other week was the final straw so I have not bothered with her and it has made me feel much happier.


I have been on citalopram during my menopause, it does take a while for it to kick in, but it is really good at keeping your mood on an even path, well it did for me. I started my radiotherepy on the 23rd Jan 14, up until that time I too felt anxious and to be honest at times get sick of hearing about cancer. It seems that it is all people want to ask you about!


When I got diagnosed with breast cancer I was devistated, and all the emotions that you go through are unreal. I kept thinking how others must feel and do they really know what is going to happen, so, I started a Facebook page. It is about any form of cancer. I write down my experiences and feelings. I have also posted pictures. I have been surprised at how many people are accessing my page and say that it has helped them too. I will post a link, any one is quite welcome to post their experiences, feelings etc on it. All I ask is that people are respected for what they have to say. It may however get deleted by the moderation team.


We will feel normal when all our treatment is over…that is what I tell myself!! :smileywink: