why do people stare

sorry i had to get this of my chest. the other day i joined my friend for a cuppa in our local health centre only to have a bloke staring at me the night before id made the decistion to shave my head so got mike todo it, my hair was one almighty cotted clump atthe back, this blike who was like in his 50s at least just sat facing me staring, i flipped in the end and asked if he wanted a picture as it would last longer, why do people do it its just insensative and rude grrrrrr its not like id gone out bald,i was wearing a headscarf with stretchy hat underneath for warmth

Hi madgal

Perhaps he fancied you honey !! Just because we wear bandanas/headscarves, doesn’t mean we’re less attractive - lol !

Mind you, I do know what you mean. On the odd occasion I’ve been stared at, I’ve tended to stare back, and smile. They look so embarrassed then.

Most people are ok - just forget this insensitive prat - at least you put him in his place, and good on you for that !

much love

Julie xxx

Hi Madgal
I think Julie may be right… he fancied you!
When I’m at the unit having my chemo, I look at the ladies wearing headscarves and bandanas and they have their make-up on and look so damn glamourous!

I have found since my diagnosis, that I’m a bit of a man magnet. Many male work colleagues say that the way I’m dealing with the BC, chemo and operations and my positive, upbeat attitude is very attractive and appealing!!!

So let them stare. When they do, just make sure you’re smiling and seen to be having a good time. It may make them reflect on their obviously sad, boring, unevenful little lives… Ooooooh, I feel good having had that little rant!!

Keep smiling ladies!

Love Carly x

Hi There

I agree, he probably did fancy you! I have been stared at in a good way, I think it’s the peachy steroid skin…!

But I was in A&E one time with an infected cut just wearing my little baker boy hat (i mostly wear a wig) and a guy in there was staring so much it was really uncomfortable, I think he was staring because he could see I was bald. It’s so rude!

You’re better than them so pay no attention, and as we all say, some of the staring is done in a good way!

Cecelia. x

Hey, Cecelia, where did you get your baker boy hat? I rather fancy one.

Hey Scottish

Know you are in or near Aberdeen - lots of baker boy hats in accessorise - personally i’mm now wearing beanies when I’m out and buffs indoors and at work