Why do surgery for a benign papilloma?

I was referred to the breast clinic because I was getting a bloody discharge from one nipple. The consultant said all bleeding must be investigated and I duly got an appointment to have ‘it’ removed. The day before I attended for a pre-surgery check and the nurse told me there was nothing to worry about since the mammo had shown it was benign. Assuming they knew best I had the thing removed and had a decidedly deformed breast to show for it.
Ten years later I was diagnosed with a 3.6 cm tumour precisely where the surgery had been. I have since read that there is some suspicion that cancer often grows in scar tissue and I can’t help wondering if I would have been cancer free now if they had not done surgery. I see too there is a suggestion now that too many ops are performed unnecessarily. Oh, the benefit of hindsight!
I did subsequently refuse to have a benign cyst removed and have never had a problem on that side since.